Wellness Health Outreach Love Expression

Faculty Advisor: Heidi von Harscher, PhD, FICPP

WHOLE is a student-driven organization dedicated to developing skills to lead healthier lives as future physicians charged with teaching our patients these same skills. Our organization aims to complement the goals of the Fit and Well Program at FIU HWCOM and contribute to the environment it has created. In addition to the physical, intellectual, and emotional growth that is fostered by the program, WHOLE will emphasize the "expression" component of the individual. We will create a dialogue and space for students to discover and nurture new and existing dimensions of the self.

Personal development and reflection go hand in hand within the practice of medicine and contribute to optimal patient care. We aim to increase the pool of physicians that are self-aware and ultimately improve the health care of future. Wellness, health, outreach, love, and expression are the values that will guide our pursuit of holistic living. We will reflect these ideals in our student-driven, experiential, collaborative events and activities. Together we will grow, elevating ourselves, and those within our community.

Student Officers

Co-President: Alexandra Martinez
Co-President: Sophia Acosta
Lifestyle in Medicine Chair: Natalia Ongtengco