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Panther Learning Communities

The Panther Learning Communities (PLCs) help you get connected and provide support during the many transitions throughout medical school. As part of a Panther Learning Community, you will learn with fellow students in smaller, faculty-lead groups during period one and period two clinical skills. In addition, you will gain a deeper understanding of your courses' subject matter by applying newly acquired skills outside of the classroom, receive valuable support from peer mentors, and gain leadership skills during your medical school experience.

The Communities

The PLCs, were officially formed in 2009 with the inception of the college’s first class of medical students. Each is PLC named after a notable physician or medical scientist: Anderson, Hippocrates, Pasteur, and Semmelweis. The PLCs support co-curricular activities through collaboration with other departments and stakeholders within HWCOM and main FIU through five signature programs that promote and foster the values and principles of a learning community and the mission of HWCOM:

  • Student Mentoring Network
  • Peer Training
  • Wellness
  • Community Service Learning
  • Leadership Development

Contact Us

Jessica Lewis, MA
Associate Director,
Panther Learning Communities
11200 SW 8th street
Miami, FL 33199

Office: AHC2 390W2
Tel: 305-348-6069
Fax: 305-348-0650