Professionalism and Academic Integrity

Medical Student Handbook

This HWCOM Student Handbook has information on the FIU regulations, LCME standards, and HWCOM policies, resources, and guidance that frame the academic and professional activities students will undertake in their medical school studies. HWCOM medical students are expected to adhere to all the regulations, standards, and policies detailed in the student handbook.

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Professionalism and Academic Integrity Incident Reporting 

Medical students, faculty, and staff are required to adhere to FIU Regulations and Policies, and HWCOM’s Policies, Technical and Professionalism Standards. Any medical student, faculty member, or staff member who is aware of a potential breach of professionalism must provide notification of the alleged breach utilizing the incident reporting methods provided below.

Professional Commendation Reporting

The HWCOM Professionalism Commendation Reporting System (PCR) is used for reporting and documenting positive professional attitudes or behaviors.  A Professionalism Commendation Report (PCR) is a way to identify notable behaviors or actions and can be submitted by and for any member of our HWCOM Community. A commendation report can be submitted online at Professionalism Advocacy Reporting System.