The Benjamin Leon Center for Geriatric Research & Education at FIU Seminar Series on Aging and Health

This premier lecture series stimulates scholarly debate about major health issues concerning aging individuals and societies. It engages leading experts in discussing state-of-art research about geriatric medicine and gerontology. The target audience includes faculty and graduate students from various colleges and departments at Florida International University and other local academic institutions, health professionals, and community stakeholders.

The Seminar Series on Aging and Health is organized and sponsored by the Benjamin Leon Center for Geriatric Research and Education at Florida International University. The Leon Center is committed to developing and implementing novel approaches to promote active aging, preventing frailty-related functional decline, and delivering health care to older adults in primary clinical care and community settings through translational epidemiology research and geriatrics and gerontology education.

Upcoming speakers

Please check back soon for details on our next event.