American Medical Women’s Association

Coordinating Advisor: Scarlett Aldana Bosch, MBA
Faculty Advisor: Heidi von Harscher, PhD, FICPP

The American Medical Women’s Association (AMWA) is an organization of women physicians, medical students, and other persons dedicated to serving as the voice for women’s health and the advancement of women in medicine. The organization was founded in 1915 by Dr. Bertha Van Hoosen in Chicago, at a time when women physicians were an under-represented minority, representing 5-6% of all physicians in the U.S. As the number of women in medicine increases, new problems and issues arise. AMWA has been addressing these issues for 94 years. AMWA functions at the local, national, and international levels advocating for women in medicine and promoting educational and clinical programs designed to improve women’s health. AMWA provides medical students with opportunities to develop leadership skills, as well as foster advocacy, education, mentoring, and the formation of strategic alliances with students at other medical schools and health care professionals at various local, state, and national community organizations.

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Student Officers

President: Izma Nadeem
Vice President: Ana Ruas
Secretary: Rebecca Ubeda