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Panther Alumni Week

PAW exists to enhance the respect, trust and impact of FIU locally, nationally and globally. This is an annual FIU alumni event.

MD Events

Information on annual MD events including the White Coat Ceremony, Match Day, and Graduation.

Sapphire Celebration

This premiere event celebrated the tenth anniversary of the founding of the college of medicine at FIU; the Sapphire Celebration also recognized Founding Dean and Senior Vice President for Health Affairs John A. Rock, MD, and the many individuals instrumental in the development of Miami’s only public medical school.

Women’s Health Initiative Luncheon

The Women’s Health Initiative Luncheon is part of the college of medicine’s ongoing commitment to elevate community-wide awareness of important health issues and empower the public with access to necessary health information and resources.

Lecture Series

Joan and Harry B. Smith Lecture Series

The Joan and Harry B. Smith Lecture Series was endowed by the Smiths to highlight key issues affecting the quality of our lives. Lectures feature experts in their respective fields, and previous lecture topics have included nutrition, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and noise abatement.

The Omar Pasalodos, MD, Memorial Lecture

The Omar Pasalodos, MD, Memorial Lecture is held annually to honor Dr. Pasalodos’ dedication to women’s health care, community outreach, and education. The annual event features a nationally recognized speaker and focuses on issues regarding women’s health care.

Herbert and Nicole Wertheim.jpg

Wertheim Leadership Lecture Series

Dr. Herbert and Nicole Wertheim Leadership in Healthcare and Medicine lecture series serves as a platform for students, staff and faculty to discuss research-related practices and advancements in technology and to collaborate with external researchers.