Student Faculty Collaborative Clinic

Faculty Adviser: Dr. Sarah Stumbar

The Student Faculty Collaborative Clinic (SFCC) is a student-run clinic at FIU Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine that operates within the Universal Heritage Institute, a community-run, free clinic in Opa Locka. SFCC is made up of faculty and student volunteers from all levels of medical training, with the common goal of providing the best quality of care to our uninsured patients. We focus on how the social determinants of health impact our patients’ chronic diseases, well-being, living situations and access to care. In addition to prescribing medications and ordering diagnostic tests, we provide our patients with cost-conscious community resources, treatments, and referrals.

Student Officers


Clinic Director: Michaela Polmann

External Director: Jasmine Nadayil

Internal Director: Kevin Pendo

Events and Fundraising Chair: Jami Alamar

Faculty Chair: Hani Samarah

UHI Liaison: Rafey Khan

Volunteer Chair: Hannah Baker

Recruitment Chair: Rachel Siretskiy