Business & Medicine Interest Group

Faculty Advisor: Eneida Roldan, MD, MBA, MPH

The Business & Medicine Interest Group (BMIG) provides continuing education in and exposure to the business side of healthcare, providing increased personal knowledge on how to leverage a business education to be successful in medical school and in practice. The BMIG is currently partnering with the FIU School of Business, FIU School of Public Health, and FIU College of Law in all of its presentations and meetings. The group is also integrating into the required research program at FIUHWCOM to offer students mentors and projects in the business field.

With the American College of Physician Executives (ACPE) partnership, students in the BMIG have been involved with the following ongoing projects: composition of articles for the LeadDoc publication, development of courses educating students in healthcare management, and lastly, the formation of a National Business & Medicine Group through which other universities can create their own chapters. BMIG has also partnered with the College of Engineering in order to develop medically related mobile applications.

Student Officers

President: Kelly McKenney
Vice President: Blake Padgett