Medical Humanities Club

Faculty Advisor: Amilcar A. Castellano Sanchez, MD

The Medical Humanities Club was started by the students in the class of 2015 to encourage us to not just be medical students, but poets, writers, and artists as well. The purpose of the group is to be a place where we can express ourselves and our medical experiences through any medium thinkable, and share these expressions with our peers. Our club is divided into several groups, each pertaining to a different interest. These include: Eloquor (our published literary journal), Sharing our Voices: Narratives from the Green Family Foundation NeighborhoodHELP™ program (a collection of writings about our involvement in the neighborhoods), Writing Workshops (a group dedicated to aiding students and the community in literary ventures), the Art Show (the organizers of our yearly student art display), and Other Media (which includes film, dance, and acting). This variety enables each student to pursue their individual interests.

Student Officers

President: Hadi Hemaidan
Vice President: Jason Haidar