American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin

Faculty Advisors: Shweta Akhouri, MD

American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (AAPI) is a national organization of physicians, fellows, residents, and medical students dedicated to improving patient care through compassion, respect, and equality - values that stem from both the culture of medicine and society.

In line with this sentiment, AAPI at FIU HWCOM aims to compound the strength in culture through diversity. This can be achieved not only by bringing together medical students of Indian origin, but also by encouraging our colleagues to share some of their own cultures with the student body.

Through this shared experience of culture, AAPI also aims to partner with HWCOM’s other interest groups to shine a light on culturally engaging issues that physicians may encounter in areas such as social behaviors, family dynamics, and ethics.

The multiplicity of cultures brought to HWCOM by its students is an essential tool in HWCOM’s goal in molding culturally competent physicians. It is AAPI’s mission to contribute to the cultural experience and competence here at HWCOM and to pay it forward into our local communities.

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Student Officers

Co-President: Deepika Borra
Co-President: Ryan Hossain