Innovative Medical Technology Interest Group

Faculty Advisor: Michael Brown, M.D., Ph.D.

Established in January of 2017, the Innovative Medical Technology (IMT) Interest Group at FIU’s HWCOM is a student organization that was founded by three ambitions medical students with one goal in mind: to provide medical students with a unique set of experiences and a profound proficiency in technology which will benefit them as practicing physicians in the future. As the field of medical technology grows at a blinding pace today, it even more crucial now than ever for medical students to remain engaged with what modern medicine has to offer its patients. What is cutting-edge in the new year can be almost obsolete by the next. This is where IMT aims to influence the education of HWCOM students.

The IMT has three main approaches that we implement in order to achieve the goal set out by its founders: (1) help students build a groundwork of knowledge and familiarity with innovative medical technology, (2) expose medical students to the procedural evolution of a medical device from idea to invention, and (3) encourage a pledge of growth in professionalism, networking, and community involvement for our members. The IMT will strive to serve medical students of all specialty interests by facilitating their involvement in our many plans which range from local biomedical company field trips to galvanizing, hands-on technology workshops that all offer many opportunities for collaborations with organizations both within and outside of the HWCOM.

Student Officers

President: Manal Imran
Vice President: Shon Shmushkevich
Industry Chair: Aaliyah Shaikh