Information Technology

HWCOM IT strives to enhance learning and productivity by utilizing technologies that promote collaboration, mobility, and accessibility of resources. This effort is evident in the implementation of state-of-the art computing infrastructure and devices, and innovative learning tools at the College of Medicine.


  • Client Services

    Delivers comprehensive Information Technology (IT) services, resources and support to the Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine students, faculty and staff.  Client Services ultimate goal is to ensure that users have access to the hardware and software tools needed to accomplish their mission.   Core services include:

    Help Desk Services
    Provide support and assistance related to computer systems, software and hardware installation, repairs, virus inoculation, sanitization and device lifecycle.  Utilizes multiple channels for support including ticketing system, email, phone, as well as office walk-ins to triage questions, requests, incidents and problems. Provides in person and remote technical support through collaboration with internal and external teams.

    24/7 Help Desk Support
    Provide 24/7/365 phone support for urgent matters to the Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine students, faculty and staff. 

    Hardware and Software Purchasing
    Provide customer consultation with computer equipment and software purchases to ensure optimal specifications and product selection based on needs.

    Loaner Equipment
    Provide faculty, staff and student loaner equipment to maintain productivity and efficiency.

    Asset Management
    Conduct regular update of hardware and software assets and maintain inventory in asset management system. 

    Student Assessment and Testing
    Provide support for medical student high stakes exams and assessments.  Distribute and support mobile testing laptops for exams.  Conduct rigorous testing of assessment software releases to ensure compatibility and resolve technical issues.  Work with the Office of Assessments with exam scheduling and mock exams for testing purposes.

  • Clinical System Services

    The IT Clinical Team supports clinical applications utilized by FIU Health (HCN and HHS) for the purpose of patient care, clinical operations, clinical documentation, physician billing and teaching. 

    Applications supported include:

    Centricity Practice Solutions (CPS) – Electronic Medical Health Record (EHR) – CPS is the system utilized by physicians in every specialty as well as students practicing in the NHelp Program. The system is made up of the clinical health record, practice management and integrated add-ons to manage the clinical care of FIU Health patients.  CPS encompasses every aspect of the patient encounter such as registration, scheduling, charting and billing.

    Integrated Centricity products include:

    • ezAccess Patient Portal – A web-based Centricity integration portal allowing patients and clinical professionals to interact anytime.  The patient portal currently supports online patient appointment scheduling, refill requests and sharing of lab results.
    • eSM – Electronic prescribing
    • CQR – GE clinical Quality reporting
    • Scanning and Faxing
    • Analytics – a tool that evaluates revenue, productivity and trends
    • EDI – Electronic eligibility and claim submission for payers
    • EMR-Link Liaison / Alloy – Lab orders and results interface for Question and LabCorp.
    • PatientKeeper – Application to capture non FIU Health clinical activity for hospital internists/hospitalists.
    • MS Power Business Intelligence – Integrated reporting tool
  • Educational Technology Services

    Educational Technology provides a range of services for faculty, staff and students involving support for classroom and educational technologies, audio-visual systems and applications. 

    Provide faculty support in the classroom by assisting with lecture setup involving upload of content for the students, setting up audio-visual system, monitoring and providing technology assistance during the lecture and upload of lecture presentation into the course capture system.

    HWCOM course capture solution integrated with CanvasMed learning management system.  Provide administrative and curriculum support for Panopto including account management and archiving.

    Audio-Visual (AV) Systems
    Provide a range of AV system support including working with AV vendors on the scoping, design and implementation for AV solutions.  Provide setup for conferences and meetings. 

    Enterprise web-based collaborative platform for information sharing, process and workflow streamlining and automation.  Provide customization with site and forms development.

    Manage, plan and run paperless board, leadership and committee meetings. Provide iPads for BoardPad meetings.

    An online survey tool that allows one to build surveys, distribute surveys and analyze responses. Provide survey development .

  • Infrastructure Services

    Infrastructure Services provides the management and administration of HWCOM's IT infrastructure involving server and data storage systems, network communication, disaster recovery and business continuity.  Infrastructure Services also supports the Green Family Foundation Neighborhood HELP Mobile Health Centers range of health technologies and network service.  Core services include:

    Server and Data Storage Administration
    Perform the installation, configuration, monitoring and performance optimization and maintenance of datacenter equipment for HWCOM involving server systems and storage network. 

    File System Administration
    Create network drive shares and manage access to file shares through access control.

    Disaster Recovery
    Perform regular backups of systems and data for disaster recovery.  Conduct routine restore and recovery test of systems and data as part of disaster recovery plan.  Manage and maintain the HWCOM disaster recovery location in North West Regional Data Center (NWRDC) in Tallahassee, Florida.

    Access Management
    Manage access to data, network shares and information systems.

    Green Family Foundation NeighborhoodHELP Mobile Health Center Support
    Provide support for the Mobile Health Centers involving the network and health technologies including the Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) and Hologic Mammography equipment.  Support include ensuring workflow optimization between systems and clinical team.

  • Instructional Design & Training (ID&T)

    The Instructional Design & Training (ID&T) team is comprised of instructional designers and multimedia professionals. The resources and services provided by ID&T have been designed as a synthesis of best practices informed by a full range of design principles and pedagogical models. The services we provide include but are not limited to:

    • CanvasMed online course development
    • Design and development of web-based, interactive instructional and training modules
    • In-studio green screen video production
    • PowerPoint and lecture material review and enhancement
    • Infographic and visual communication design
    • Educational technology tool integration training and consulting

    Applications We Support

    CanvasMed is HWCOM’s Learning Management System (LMS) and offers a central location for hosting and accessing learning materials, submitting assignments, proctoring exams and connecting instructors and students both online and in the classroom.

    Respondus is an exam proctoring solution which locks down online testing environments.

    TurningPoint Polling
    TurningPoint is an interactive polling solution which facilitates active learning and student participation in the classroom.

    Turnitin is an originality checking and plagiarism prevention application which analyzes student assignment submissions and identifies matches against citation and bibliographic information.

  • IT Security Services

    HWCOM IT Security is responsible for protecting the confidentiality, integrity and availability of HWCOM Data through proactive security approach and adhering to FIU policies and HWCOM procedures.  Core services include:

    Security Assessment: Perform regular security assessment with HWCOM assets and physical locations to identify any discrepancies in the standards and the process. The effort involves working with appropriate owners in improving the process and mitigating risks.

    Risk Assessment: Conduct risk assessment on HWCOM applications and oversees IT risk management. Involved with assessing IT related software purchases and vendor selection. Conduct research and provide recommendations regarding appropriate technical security controls.

    Vendor Risk Management: Maintain vendor inventory list and ensure third party risks are minimized through proper documentation.

    Mobile Device Management:  Perform mobile device management and device enrollment using defined profiles and policies for mobile devices based on data classification and business requirements.

    Identity and Access Management: Review access request to HWCOM PHI data, privilege access request and ensures access is granted based on minimum necessary and is in compliance with the policy.

    Vulnerability Management:  Perform regular monitoring of threats and vulnerabilities on HWCOM assets. Work in conjunction with HWCOM IT units and FIU DoIT for the remediation efforts.

    Business Continuity: Perform and review Business Impact Analysis (BIA) to assess and define the criticality level of applications to the business operation of HWCOM.

    Asset Management: Maintain the inventory of HWCOMIT applications and vendors.

    Security Awareness: Provide security alert notification to HWCOM faculty/staff during any security event and works closely with FIU Security Office on mitigating events.

    Incident Response: Manages IT security incident reports and response in accordance with FIU Incident Response Policy and HWCOM Incident Response procedure.

    Standards, Procedures and Guidelines: Develop standards, guidelines and checklists as required to facilitate the HWCOM procedures and Internal Security assessment.

    Audit: Work with FIU Internal Audit Office during the Audit engagement. Perform risk mitigation and assist in improving process based on audit findings.  Perform internal audit activities involving workstations and information systems access.

  • Project Management Office of Information Technology

    The HWCOM IT Project Management Office guides IT projects to a successful conclusion that is in alignment with the scope, goals, and strategies of HWCOM and creates a foundation for consistent IT project success. These initiatives cover all system implementations and optimizations that improve business, clinical and academic practices as well as staff efficiency and productivity.

    The PMO is responsible for the planning and execution of College of Medicine strategic IT initiatives that support and enable the mission of HWCOM. Some of our key objectives and priorities include

    • Oversee the implementation of key initiatives that are part of our Strategic plan
    • Manage all projects following standard project management methodology by guiding project form implementation to successful conclusion
    • Be able to report on projects at the Portfolio level
    • Establish protocol for managing change via a Change management process

    All Technology related initiatives must be presented to the IT Steering Committee. The IT Steering Committee is responsible for reviewing initiatives and prioritizing all technology request. Once initiatives are approved and prioritized, they will be added to Performance Logic which is our Project management tracking system. 

    For Projects that do not require extensive tracking and control a Project Lite methodology is used. The Project Lite initiatives are still tracked in Performance Logic and kept up to date by team members and Project Manager.

  • Software Development & Database Administration

    Provide a full range software development and database administration service and support for the HWCOM in support of its academic, clinical and operational mission. 

    Software design, development, enhancement, maintenance and support for the following HWCOM applications:

    • Green Family Foundation NeighborhoodHELP Portal (NHELP Portal) 
      The NHELP Portal is the software system that facilitates all aspects of the NeighborhoodHELP program from the outreach efforts to the educational component, by serving as the central repository of all data. 
    • WebAdmit
    • Doctors of Tomorrow (DOT)
      Admissions application for the Doctors of Tomorrow program used by the Office of Student Affairs.
    • Early Assurance Program (EAP)
      Admissions application for the Early Assurance program used by the Office of Student Affairs.
    • Graduate Certificate Program (GCP)
      Admissions application for the Graduate Certificate Program.
    • Student Folio
      Application that houses the formative and summative medical student clerkship evaluations along with the student’s advising records and MSPE, aka dean’s letter.
    • Rotation Credentialing System

    Application that facilitates the credentialing of our students at all the different institutions where they perform their clerkships by automating the completion of the forms required for credentials to be granted.

    Database Administration
    Perform comprehensive database administration including backup and recovery, security, performance monitoring and system tuning.

    Business Intelligence Solution
    Define and implement business intelligence solutions to analyze trends and patterns in complex data sets, incorporating dashboards, reporting and self-service delivery solutions to enable the analysis of information that support strategic initiatives.