Medical Genetics Interest Group

Faculty Advisor: Tracey Weiler, PhD

Medical Genetics is an emergent field of medicine and genetics is becoming an integral part of a clinician’s medical practice. Therefore, the MGIG believes it is important for all students to have a basic foundation in genetics. We are a nationally recognized chapter of the American College of Medical Genetics (ACMG) and student members of the MGIG receive a free ACMG membership. MGIG serves to promote an interdisciplinary understanding and application of genetics in the practice of medicine here at HWCOM. We provide students: (1) networking and mentorship opportunities with medical genetics clinical practitioners and researchers; (2) education in counseling of patients and families affected with genetic disease; (3) opportunities to volunteer for events benefiting individuals and families affected by genetic disorders; (4) community service opportunities to educate the general public about genetic predispositions; and (5) social activities that explore genetics in light of personal wellness and humanities. The MGIG informs students of the practical use of genetics across all medical specialties, the latest advances in medical genetics, and the impact of medical genetics on public health, policy, and ethics.

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