Founder's Program


The College of Medicine Founders program supports student scholarships, recruitment, and the medical program in the college. By becoming a member, you can provide unrestricted funding that can be directed to HWCOM's most immediate and pressing needs.

College of Medicine Founders agree to commit $50,000 or more, which can be paid in annual installments over a period of up to 5 years, to the College of Medicine Education Fund.

Recognition and Benefits

Individuals and organizations who make commitments are recognized permanently as College of Medicine Founders and as members of the FIU Society of Founders.

College of Medicine Founders benefits include:

  • Access to the HWCOM Dean and HWCOM faculty and administrators through events, briefings, and other presentations exclusively for College of Medicine Founders.
  • Invitations to select FIU and HWCOM events, including those exclusively for founders.
  • Listing as a College of Medicine Founder in various College of Medicine and University publications and web sites.
  • Listing on a Wall of Honor installed in a prominent place in the building housing the College of Medicine.
  • A commemorative membership plaque.
  • The opportunity to participate in the development of an institution that plays an important role in providing high-quality health care for our community.

Founders Members

Nelson L. Adams, M.D.

Michael M. Adler

Richard Amundsen & Claudia Puig

Jose Armas, M.D. & Ada Armas

NMA/James Wilson Bridges Medical Society and Association of Haitian Physicians Abroad, South Florida Chapter

Baptist Health South Florida

Carmel J. Barrau, M.D. & Carmel P. Barrau

Beraja Medical Institute

Robert Berrin, Esq. & Family

BlueCross BlueShield of Florida

Joseph L. Caruncho

Stephen Dresnick, M.D.

Emergency Room Medical Association at Mercy Hospital Miami John Marshall, M.D., Jorge Amaya, M.D., Xavier Anton, M.D.

FIU Alumni Association

Dany Garcia

Julio Garcia, M.D.

Justo M. Garcia

Sergio Gonzalez-Arias, M.D. & Maria Morales-Gonzalez

Guerra Family Foundation

Guillama, Inc.

Perla Tabares Hantman

The Hera Foundation

Rodolfo Hernandez, M.D./Psychcare LLC

Jeffrey L. Horstmyer, M.D. & Professor Tillie Fox

Lawrence Kahn, III*

Christopher G. Korge

Kirk Landon*

Donald E. Lefton

Orlando Lopez-Fernandez, M.D.

Modesto A. Maidique

Mercy Hospital Medical Staff

Tamara Meyerson

Jack J. Michel, M.D. & Larkin Community Hospital

J. Patrick O’Leary, M.D.

David R. Parker & Marian E. Davis

Manuel A. Penalver, M.D. Cristina Lopez-Penalver, M.D.

Phycare Medical Group


Jose E. Portuondo, M.D.

Justo Luis & Sylvia Pozo

PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP

John A Rock, M.D. & Martha Rock

Carolyn D. Runowicz, M.D. & Sheldon H. Cherry, M.D.

Steven Scott, M.D.

Joe Leigh Simpson, MD & Sandra Carson, MD

Jorge L. Sosa, M.D.

South Florida Medical Imaging, P.A.

Theodore Spak

Gregg Steinberg

Roberto Tuchman, M.D. & Laurie Tuchman

Felipe Valls

The Valverde Family

VITAS Innovative Hospice Care

Herbert A. Wertheim

Vijay Zaveri, MD & Family

Isaac & Loly Zelcer

*Represents founders in Memoriam