Academic Counseling and Enrichment Services

Welcome to the HWCOM Academic Counseling and Enrichment Services (ACES) page! Information and resources regarding the academic enrichment services available to all HWCOM students can be found here.

The HWCOM ACES team runs a robust program that provides various support modalities to enhance student academic success throughout their medical school journey here at HWCOM. Some of these services include access to Academic Enrichment Counselors, small group and peer one-to-one supplemental instruction.

Academic Enrichment Counselors

Academic Enrichment Counselors provide comprehensive individualized academic support to all students enrolled in the MD program, including developing effective learning strategies and study techniques. Students learn to evaluate their academic skills and monitor their progress toward becoming successful medical students by engaging in reflection and implementing appropriate changes to their study routines. Students may request meetings with a counselor to discuss various strategies for reaching their full potential. 

Our counselors work with students on an individual or group basis, addressing learning and study strategies such as:

  • Time management
  • Note-taking skills 
  • Critical thinking/metacognition
  • Test-taking skills 
  • Utilization of internal and external academic and counseling resources/ learning tools

Click the link to access the request form to schedule a meeting with an Academic Enrichment Counselor.

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Supplemental Peer Instruction 

Supplemental Peer Instruction (SPI) is available, at no cost, to all enrolled medical students through the ACES Program. A student may be required to attend formal supplemental peer instruction sessions as part of a remediation agreement. SPI is provided by select medical students (supplemental peer instructors) in their second, third, or fourth years of medical school in both individual and small groups. Supplemental peer instructors receive formal training and financial compensation.

Click the link to access the request form to schedule a 1 to 1 meeting with a supplemental peer instructor-SPI.

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Individualized Supplemental Peer Instruction

The supplemental peer instructor works with the student to develop a personalized plan which specifically addresses a student’s needs. Students interested in obtaining these services may self-refer by completing the ACES Supplemental Peer Instruction Request Form or by contacting the assistant dean of Student Success and Well-being or program manager of the ACES Supplemental Peer Instruction Program.

To inquire about any of the HWCOM ACES services please contact: