HWCOM is home to collaborative and innovative laboratories led by our premier faculty. Our research aims to improve the health of the South Florida community and align with national global health trends. 
  • Agoulnik Lab

    Dr. Alexander Agoulnik's research is focused on the role played by relaxin family peptides and their receptors in various physiological systems.
  • El-Hage Lab

    Dr. Nazira El-Hage's research focuses on mechanisms underlying HIV pathology and the interlinked epidemics with opioid drug abuse in the central nervous system.
  • Dimitroff Lab

    Dr. Charles Dimitroff's research focuses on the glyco-pathological basis of immunity, inflammation, and cancer. 
  • Lakshmana Lab

    Dr. Madepalli Lakshmana's research focuses on Alzheimer's disease and adult brain neurogenesis. 
  • Nair Lab

    Dr. Madhavan Nair's research mainly involves the role of different drug abuses such as alcohol, morphine, cocaine, and methamphetamine on neuro-AIDS and the therapeutic approach to control Neuro-AIDS by specific drug targeting to the brain using nanotechnology. 
  • Raymond Lab

    Dr. Andrea Raymond investigates the role of extracellular vesicles in viral pathology, regulation of the anti-viral immune responses, and substance use disorders. 
  • Rosen Lab

    Dr. Barry Rosen investigates the mechanisms of transport and detoxification of transition metals, heavy metals, and metalloids in bacteria, yeast, protozoans, mammals, and plants.
  • Sackstein Lab

    Dr. Robert Sackstein investigates the structures that direct cell migration in blood flow, such as those molecules that cause braking on E-selectin.
  • Unwalla Lab

    Dr. Hoshang Unwalla’s laboratory focuses on the role of small RNA molecules called microRNAs in promoting diseases attributed to inflammation.