Summer Research Fellowship Program

The Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine offers a Summer Research Fellowship Program for current year one and year two medical students and pre-matriculants to gain additional research experience through various research projects in basic, educational, population outcomes, translational and clinical research.

The Summer Research Fellowship Program is awarded on a competitive basis. Existing medical students in good standing and pre-matriculants interested in gaining additional research experience are eligible to apply. The program runs for 6 weeks (and there must be a mutual agreement with a faculty member). Students are expected to work 30 hours per week. And attendance at the end-of-program banquet is mandatory.

Current medical students will receive a stipend of $2,500. Pre-matriculants will get a tuition waiver of $2,500 for the Spring semester.


2024 Program Dates
Pre-matriculate students: June 17 through July 26
Current medical students: June 10 through July 19

Application Deadlines
March 29
- Current medical students seeking research outside the College of Medicine (due to additional clearance requirements)

May 3
- General application deadline Current Medical Students

May 10
- General application deadline Pre-matriculate students

Date: July 31, 2024
Location: FIU MMC Campus, MARC Pavilion 290
Time: 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
- Mandatory for all students

Apply Now

If you are a c​urrent year 1 and year 2 medical student in good academic standing, you are eligible to apply for the Summer Research Fellowship Program. 

Application procedure for current students:

  1. Choose your research interest and faculty mentor from this list.
  2. Contact your chosen faculty member and schedule an appointment to discuss and develop the project proposal.
  3. Once both parties agree, the faculty member must sign and submit the application form to the senior program coordinator, Elizabeth Ponce de Junco.
  4. The Office of Research reviews the application.
  5. The student will be notified of the Office of Research’s decision via email.