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Submission Instructions & Checklist:


  • Review the Author Guidelines for formatting of your manuscript.
  • Each author must complete the Author Agreement Form indicating their confidence that all contents are genuine, accurate, and current.
  • All submissions from medical student authors must also include a senior physician author. This could be anyone from a Chief Resident to faculty to a private practice physician.
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  • Submit manuscript to FMSRJ at The FMSR Cureus Channel.

Submission Checklist:

(Please be sure you have all of these documents included in your submission)

  • Author Agreement Form for each author
  • ICMJE Conflict of Interest Form for each author
  • IRB approval letter (if applicable)
  • Consent forms (if applicable)
  • Manuscript (word document)
  • Image or figure files (PDF, DOC, PPT, JPG, TIFF) if unable to include on manuscript word document