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The following are publications selected out of 54 published by Dr. Lakshmana. 

  1. Yamamoto F, Taniguchi K,MamadaN, Tamaoka A, Kametani F, Lakshmana MK, Araki W. (2019). TFEB-mediated Enhancement of the Autophagy-lysosomal Pathway Dually Modulates the Process of Amyloid β-Protein Generation in Neurons. Neuroscience 402:11-22. 
  2. Tanokashira, D.,Mamada, N., Yamamoto, F., Taniguchi, K., Tamaoka, A., Lakshmana, MK., Araki, W. (2017). The neurotoxicity of amyloid β-protein oligomers is reversible in a primary neuron model. Mol. Brain. 10(1):4.  
  3. Wang H, Wang R,XuS, Lakshmana MK. (2016). Transcription Factor EB Is Selectively Reduced in the Nuclear Fractions of Alzheimer's and Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Brains. Neurosci. J. 2016;2016:4732837. 
  4. TanokashiraD, Motoki K, Minegishi S, Hosaka A, Mamada N, Tamaoka A, Okada T, Lakshmana MK, Araki W. (2015)LRP1 Downregulates the Alzheimer's β-Secretase BACE1 by Modulating Its Intraneuronal Trafficking. eNeuro. 22;2(2). 
  5. Wang H, Wang R,CarreraI, Xu S, Lakshmana MK. (2016). TFEB Overexpression in the P301S Model of Tauopathy Mitigates Increased PHF1 Levels and Lipofuscin Puncta and Rescues Memory deficits. eNeuro 2016 May 23;3(2) 
  6. Wang R, Wang H,CarreraI, Xu S, Lakshmana MK. (2015). RanBP9-dependent increased  levels, amyloid plaque burden and learning deficits in the APΔE9 transgenic mice overexpressing COPS5. J. Biol. Chem. 290(14):9299-309. 
  7. Wang, H.,Nefzi, A., Fields,GB., Lakshmana, MK.Minond, D. (2014)AlphaLISA-based HTS Assay to Measure Levels of Soluble APPαAnal. Biochem. 459, 24-30. 
  8. Wang, R.,Palavicini,JP., Wang, H., Maiti, P., Bianchi, E., Xu, S., Lloyd, BN., Dawson-Scully, K., Kang, DE., Lakshmana, MK. (2014). RanBP9 Overexpression Accelerates Loss of Dendritic Spines in a Mouse Model of Alzheimer’s DiseaseNeurobiol. Dis. 69C, 169-179. 
  9. Subramanian, M., Hayes, CD., Thorp, E.,Matshushima, GK.,Herz, J., Lakshmana, MK and Tabas, I. (2014). A multi-protein complex of Axl, LRP-1, and RanBP9 mediates dendritic cell efferocytosis and antigen cross-presentationJ. Clin. Invest.  124(3):1296-308. 
  10. Wang, H.,Xu, S.,Lakshmana, MK. (2014). RanBP9 overexpression reduces dendritic arbor and spine density in the transgenic mouse brain. Neuroscience. 265: 253-262 
  11. Wang, H.,Dey, D.,Carrera, I., Minond, D., Bianchi, E., Xu, S., Lakshmana, MK. (2013). COPS5 (Jab1) protein increases β-site processing of amyloid precursor protein and amyloid b peptide generation by stabilizing RanBP9 protein levels. J. Biol. Chem. 288, 26668-77. 
  12. Roh,SE., Woo, JA, Lakshmana, MK., Uhlar, C., Ankala, V., Boggess, T., Liu, T., Hong, YH., Mook-Jung, I., Kim, SJ., Kang, DE. (2013). Mitochondrial dysfunction and calcium deregulation by the RanBP9-cofilin pathway. FASEB J. 27(12):4776-89. 
  13. Hayes, CD.,Dey, D., PalaviciniJP., Wang , H., Patkar, KA., Minond, D., Nefzi, A  and Lakshmana, MK. (2013)Striking reduction of amyloid plaque burden in an Alzheimer’s mouse model after chronic administration of carmustine.  BMC Medicine. 11, 81.