Introduction to the Florida Medical Student Research Journal

Founded in 2015, the FMSRJ is a student-run, peer-reviewed research journal initiated based on the need to highlight and develop the scholarship and talent of medical students. Based out of the Florida International University Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine (FIU HWCOM), FMSRJ is an initiative aimed at providing opportunities for Florida medical students to learn and participate in the peer review process to prepare for future careers in academic medicine.

The FMSRJ is one of eighteen international medical student journals publishing original research, case studies, reviews, and editorials with the help of dedicated faculty advisors. Students on the editorial staff work closely with the Faculty Advisors throughout the editing process to ensure accuracy, relevance, and quality of manuscripts prior to publication.


Membership on the editorial staff is limited to distinguished medical students who have demonstrated excellence in research and academics. Applications are accepted by a committee consisting of the Executive Faculty Advisory Board and Editors in Chief who will evaluate academic performance, CV, and other elements to make recommendations for election to the editorial board.

As of 2020, The Florida Medical Student Research Journal is partnering with the Cureus Journal of Medical Sciences as an academic channel titled “The Florida Medical Student Research Publications.” This transition into an online, virtual journal format is an exciting endeavor that will allow potential authors to submit their research and academic work for both medical student and physician peer-review, as well as, PubMed indexing. All published content will be displayed on our academic channel website and will remain easily accessible at all times. Please see the “Submissions” section for guidelines and instructions on how to submit your work to our academic channel through Cureus.

Management of FMSRJ

Based out of the FIU HWCOM, FMSRJ is a student initiative aimed at providing opportunities for Florida medical students to learn and participate in the peer review process. The long-term goal is for the Journal to be an interinstitutional collaboration between the medical colleges of Florida while ownership remains headquartered at FIU HWCOM. Applications for editorship are welcome from any Florida medical student who meet the eligibility criteria.

Eligibility FMSRJ Editor Participation

Applications for editors are accepted from all accredited Florida medical schools. Basic eligibility criteria include strong writing skills, a background in academic research, and excellent academic performance.

As part of the application process, prospective FMSRJ Editorial Staff members are required to provide proof of enrollment in a Florida medical school and transcript showing an academic standing within the top 50% of their class. If class standing is not listed on transcript, a letter from academic advisor attesting to student class rank should be submitted alongside transcript. They will also be asked to submit their curriculum vitae and a personal statement detailing their interest in editorship.

All students representing FMSRJ must demonstrate leadership and excellence in and out of the classroom and must not have any professionalism violations. Participation in the Editorial Staff is expected from all accepted applicants for the entirety of the academic year. Participation in the FMSRJ is extracurricular.

Recruitment of Editorial Staff from period 1 students for the upcoming academic year will occur during the late spring of the previous academic year. Applications will be carefully reviewed by current Editors in Chief and Executive Faculty Advisory Board. Selected applicants will be notified of their acceptance to the Editorial Staff within a month of the closure of the Editor applications via email. Acceptance is provisional until academic rank is obtained. Students accepted for the first time onto the editorial will serve as Junior Editors.

If interested in participation or have any questions, please reach out via the Contact Us page.