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The HWCOM Community Journal Club is a student-led monthly event to discuss scientific papers and promote dissemination and discourse on the topics presented. At each Journal Club, student(s) will present on research that they have conducted or on an article that their faculty mentor(s) suggests. These (1) hour sessions will be divided into (2) 30-minute presentations by student(s) with Q&A sessions to follow. View the HWCOM Community Journal Club format document.

For any questions, contact us at

  • How to get involved

    How to get involved if you are faculty/researcher:

    1. Choose 2-3 papers (basic science, epidemiology, clinical trials, etc) on medical topics relevant to medical students that you would feel comfortable supervising as a journal club presentation
      1. NOTE: we will also allow the students to propose papers based on your academic interests
    2. Wait for a student to reach out about presenting one of the papers you’ve listed or a paper they found in your field
      1. NOTE: this can be facilitated through the HWCOM Student Journal Club leaders

    How to get involved if you are student/presenter:

    1. Find a faculty/research mentor to partner with
      1. NOTE: this can be facilitated through the HWCOM Student Journal Club leaders
    2. Choose one of their papers to present or another paper in their field
      1. NOTE: if you choose to find your own paper, it will be up for scrutiny by the faculty mentor before they agree to advise you on the presentation; the papers suggested by the faculty are already approved for quality and relevance to medical students

    Next Steps once you have your team:

    1. Contact Nishant Gohel and Kevin Bennett to schedule a date and time slot at least 1 month in advance
    2. Once confirmed, refer to “HWCOM Community Journal Club - Structure” document for guidelines
    3. HWCOM Community Journal Club leaders will contact you 2 weeks and 1 week prior to scheduled date as reminders
      1. NOTE: Presenter is responsible for finding a replacement / switching time slots if not available on scheduled date
  • Mission

    The HWCOM Community Journal Club is an initiative set forth by HWCOM students to expand upon our growing research presence. Understanding the endeavor of research and the need for a low-barrier entry point, the Journal Club will be committed to:

    1. Provide students and faculty/advisors a research network and the opportunity to build professional connections
    2. Expand students’ scientific repertoire to a greater diversity of research topics
    3. Provide an opportunity for students to hone their presentation skills while building their resume
    4. Create an avenue for students to gain practice in critically reading scientific articles
    5. Learn about landmark articles that can define the way we will practice in the future
    6. Create an archive of presentations for students to learn from based on interested fields

Current Leadership

Co-President: Nishant Gohel

Co-President: Kevin Bennett

M2 Representative: Juan Carlos Alvarez Jr 

M2 Representative: Scot Connor