The Department of Ophthalmology was established in the Fall of 2008 as part of the new FIU College of Medicine.

Vision and goals

The Department of Ophthalmology is both a valuable community resource, as well as a nationally and internationally recognized center for excellence in clinical care, research, and education in ophthalmology.

Our goals are to establish a supportive environment to promote the highest standards of education, outstanding clinical service, and novel research approaches in the field of visual sciences. These goals will be accomplished by:

  • Providing a community-based ophthalmological training
  • Fostering rigorous education for our graduates
  • Engendering excellent and compassionate clinical care
  • Creating new scientific and interdisciplinary research initiatives to advance the treatment of eye diseases
  • Developing collaborative efforts encompassing local, national, and international educators and investigators
  • Recruiting and mentoring faculty of the highest quality

Contact us

Florida International University
Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine
Department of Ophthalmology
11200 SW 8th Street, AHC2 675
Fax: 305-348-0123

  • Community-based faculty
    <div class="three-columns">
    <p>Zenia Aguilera, MD <br />Assistant Professor <br /> <br />Carlos Buznego, MD <br />Associate Professor <br /> <br />Albert Gasper Caruana Jr., MD <br />Assistant Professor <br /> <br />Lourdes Amada Casuso, MD <br />Assistant Professor <br /> <br />Anny Cheng, MD <br />Associate Professor <br /> <br />Cristobal Cruz Colon, MD <br />Assistant Professor <br /> <br />Mario Del Cid <br />Assistant Professor <br /> <br />Eugene Mark Eisner <br />Assistant Professor <br /> <br />Hosam El Sheha, MD, PhD <br />Adjunct Professor <br /> <br />Jack L. Gabay, MD <br />Assistant Professor <br /> <br />Orlando Galindez <br />Assistant Professor <br /> <br />Lawrence Halperin, MD <br />Assistant Professor <br /> <br />Charles Josiah Kaiser, MD <br />Associate Professor <br /> <br />Lorraine G. Karpinski, MD <br />Assistant Professor <br /> <br />Louis Kasner, MD <br />Assistant Professor <br /> <br />Matthew Kay, MD <br />Assistant Professor <br /> <br />Gaston O. Lacayo III, MD <br />Assistant Professor <br /> <br />Wilfredo Constantino Lara, MD <br />Assistant Professor <br /> <br />Elena Lopez <br />Adjunct Assistant Professor</p>
    <p>Raul Masvidal, MD <br />Assistant Professor <br /> <br />Mark Michels, MD <br />Associate Professor <br /> <br />Daniel Montenegro, MD <br />Assistant Professor <br /> <br />Prashant Parekh, MD <br />Assistant Professor <br /> <br />Andrew Schimel, MD <br />Assistant Professor <br /> <br />Joseph Selem, MD <br />Assistant Professor <br /> <br />Richard Shugarman, MD <br />Assistant Professor <br /> <br />Matthew Shulman, MD <br />Assistant Professor <br /> <br />Richard B. Simon <br />Assistant Professor <br /> <br />Frank E. Spektor, MD <br />Assistant Professor <br /> <br />Myron Tanenbaum, MD <br />Assistant Professor <br /> <br />Barry S. Taney, MD <br />Assistant Professor <br /> <br />Sean Tighe <br />Instructor <br /> <br />Henry L. Trattler, MD <br />Assistant Professor <br /> <br />William Trattler, MD <br />Associate Professor <br /> <br />Ana Carolina Victoria, MD <br />Assistant Professor <br /> <br />Roberto Warman, MD <br />Associate Professor</p>