Hereditary Cancer App

HCApp simplifies the process of determining hereditary cancer genetic counseling and testing eligibility through a questionnaire based on the National Comprehensive Cancer Network's extensive guidelines. Unlike other tools, the HCApp is a point-of-care tool designed to be used in a routine healthcare visit.

  • Simple yes-or-no questions
  • Immediate results
  • Fully anonymous with no saved PHI
  • NO complicated guidelines
  • NO long evaluations
  • NO third-party portals

How it works

HCApp uses skip logic and stops once your patient meets eligibility criteria for hereditary cancer genetic counseling and testing, sometimes in as little as 1 minute!

The app provides you with prioritized questions to ask your patients and assesses patient eligibility with each question, rather than providing results at the end of a lengthy survey.

It also does not store any personally identifiable information—not of providers, nor of patients.


Help ensure care for at-risk patients

We are looking for clinicians to take part in ongoing research to improve HCApp.

The process for becoming a research participant is simple:

  1. Take our qualification survey to see if you're the right fit.
  2. Sign the consent form and then download the HCApp.
  3. Take a pre-HCApp use survey and receive a $25 gift card.
  4. Use the HCApp with your patients for three months.
  5. Take a post-HCApp use survey and receive a second $25 gift card.

Take our qualification survey


  • Ragisha Gopalakrishnan, MD
  • Heewon Lee, CGC
  • Becky Martinez, MD

Research personnel

  • Hannah Baker
  • Samantha Barkan
  • Sabrina Cardo
  • Tamara Fainblout, MPH
  • Carmelle Kuizon
  • Gabby Llerena
  • Ana Lop
  • Stephanie Martinez
  • Ana Piñon, MD
  • Pura Rodriguez de la Vega, MPH
  • Carolina Valdes-Guicciardi
  • Rachel Wetstone
  • Sarah Widell