Professional Development Opportunities at FIU

FIU Educational Leadership Enhancement Program (ELEP)

ELEP was established here at FIU in the early 1990's as part of a larger statewide program to advance women and minorities in administrative positions in higher education. Several FIU HWCOM faculty and staff have successfully participated in FIU ELEP: Heidi von Harsher, Ph.D., Iveris Martinez, Ph.D., Suzanne Minor, M.D., Laura Boudon, Ph.D., Marin Gillis, Ph.D., Kalai Mathee, Ph.D, Scarlett Aldana-Bosch, Rowena Ramnath, Diana Barratt, M.D., Winnyanne Kunkle, Almi Rodriguez PhD, and Laura Creel, MA. This year-long program has various components, including monthly meetings, executive briefings by FIU senior administrators, leadership book discussions, three conferences held with Florida partner colleges, individual projects and mentoring by senior FIU leaders.

The program opens for applications at various intervals. The support of your chair/supervisor is required to apply. More information on this program is available the ELEP website.


The Leadership Education Advancement Program (LEAP) is designed to help FIU’s supervisors learn and practice leadership skills which are crucial to managing and inspiring their teams. Visit the LEAP website for more information.

Center for Advancement of Teaching

FIU’s Center for Advancement of Teaching (CAT) is a vital resource for HWCOM faculty. The CAT supports faculty in their roles as educators. The CAT offers workshops, didactics, and book groups for faculty. To join the CAT listserv, so that you are aware of their offerings, email

For more information visit the CAT website.

FIU Faculty Mentor Program

The FIU Faculty Mentor Program supports FIU’s commitment to ensuring that our faculty members are in the best possible position to succeed professionally. Mentors and mentees are matched based on research interests and disciplinary demands and come from different departments in the respective colleges. The program invites participants annually in August and kicks off each fall with an orientation session and mentors/mentees are encouraged to meet twice per semester as well as attend sponsored sessions on various topics likely to be of use to mentees.