Peer Reviewing

Peer reviewing is a great way to provide service to profession. When you peer review, you learn what a successful submission looks like which will help you to write and submit your articles, grants, posters, and presentations more effectively.

AAMC podcast: Advice from a Master Peer Reviewer
One way that we can serve our professions is to peer review article, grant, poster, and presentation submissions. This podcast describes the process of peer reviewing.

Academic Medicine article: "Practical Strategies for Enhancing the Peer Review of Manuscripts
This article provides a systematic checklist and process for peer reviewing a submission.

Academic Medicine video: "What Editors Want: An Overview for Reviewers” by the editors of Academic Medicine
This voiceover powerpoint details what Academic Medicine editors are looking for from peer reviewers.

NIH Grants and Funding Peer Review
This webpage details the peer review process for NIH grants.