Faculty Senate Awards


  • Excellence in Advising and Mentorship - 3 awards
  • Excellence in Engagement - 1 award
  • Excellence in Librarianship - 1 award
  • Excellence in Research and Creative Activities - 6 awards
  • Excellence in Service - 1 award
  • Excellence in Teaching - 6 awards


  • Full time, paid members of the faculty with at least three years of full time service before the year nominated
  • For previous winners, at least five years must have lapsed before new nomination  

Nomination/application process 

  • Award committee prefers substantive nomination letters from colleagues or supervisors, but in a university tradition, it also accepts self-nominations.
  • Nominee gets notified and then compiles application package or withdraws from the nomination


Each award carries a $5000 stipend.

Previous HWCOM Awardees


Barry Rosen, PhD   –  Excellence in Research

Cheryl Holder, MD – Excellence in Engagement


Rebecca Toonkel, MD- Excellence in Teaching 


Luther Brewster, PhD – Excellence in Community Engagement

Gagani Athauda, MD – Excellence in Teaching 


Additional information is available at Faculty Senate Awards.