Excellence in Teaching Awards

These awards recognize outstanding teaching and course administration in the MD and Graduate Certificate Programs


  • Serves as a full or part-time faculty member
  • Teaches in a course or clerkship in the MD program or the Graduate Certificate Program.
  • Has worked at FIU for at least two years of service before the year nominated
  • Has NO  previous teaching award at HWCOM within the past 3 years
  • Students or faculty may nominate any eligible faculty member
  • Faculty may self-nominate

Teaching Award Categories

  • Lecture: straightforward lecture, sessions which are predominantly lecture with some questioning to check understanding
  • Large group interactive teaching: instruction with at least 20 students using TBL, and/or other guided problem solving with significant participation by students.
  • Small group teaching: g. CBLs, CBDs, PBL’s, clerkship didactics with less than 20 students, clinical skills small groups
  • E-Learning instruction: g. pre-recorded modules, discussion boards, virtual classrooms
  • Course/clerkship direction: directors, co-directors or assistant directors of courses or clerkships.

Previous HWCOM Awardees


Sarah Stumbar, MD, MPH,   Course/clerkship direction

Ferdinand Gomez,   E-Learning instruction

Tracey Weiler, PhD   Large Group Interactive Teaching

Jenny Fortun, PhD  Small group teaching

Dietrich Lorke, MD, PhD  Lecture


Elizabeth Gray, MD  Period 1 

Amalia Landa-Galindez, MD  Period 2 

Leonard Gralnik, MD  Periods 3 & 4


Marin Gillis, PhD  Period 1 

Frederick Anderson, MD  Period 2  

Darren Kaufman, MD Periods 3 & 4


Gagani Athauda, PhD   Period 1  

Rebecca Toonkel, MD  Period 2 

David Graham, MD  Periods 3&4