MD Curriculum

The MD curriculum at FIU HWCOM is built around 5 curricular strands that provide students the foundation on which to participate in the delivery of high quality care to their future patients and populations. In addition to the traditional biophysical and clinical sciences, courses robustly address healthcare systems issues, evidence-based practice, professional identity formation, and social and cultural determinants of health. A variety of teaching and assessment methods aim to support students in achieving the learning that they will carry with them into residency and practice.

Educating Physicians: A Call for Reform of Medical School and Residency (2010) - For those faculty with a strong interest in national and international trends in medical education, especially those of you who may be involved in designing courses and sessions, we strongly recommend this book. You will find many elements of the FIUHWCOM curriculum reflected in these recommendations.

For those interested in a concise review of all 4 years of the HWCOM Medical Curriculum, below you will find a 15 minute module.