Faculty Awards and Recognition

Awards offer prestigious recognition of high quality contributions from our faculty and staff. Faculty here at the College of Medicine may be eligible for awards offered by FIU itself to all its faculty, and by HWCOM specifically for medical school faculty.

We are listing FIU and HWCOM awards here as a quick overview, with links to further information. You’ll find the key eligibility criteria, stipend amounts if any, and routes to nomination (self, colleague, Dean’s office).

We hope that as a faculty member you’ll familiarize yourself enough with this information to think about your own candidacy and that of your colleagues – so that you can appropriately participate in nominating (and self-nominating) deserving FIU faculty. In most cases, nomination is a relative brief process and the majority of awards accept colleague and self-nomination.

Also know that the Office of Faculty Affairs here at HWCOM endeavors to periodically review faculty rosters for potential candidates, and facilitate the nominations process through consultation with department chairs.

Finally, we encourage all faculty to maintain current information in their Panther180/Interfolio databases as we may sometimes consult this resource to identify potential candidates.

FIU Faculty Awards

HWCOM Faculty Awards

The college of medicine has established several faculty awards in recognition of full- and part-time faculty members. Details regarding nominations and deadlines for these HWCOM faculty awards are disseminated each spring via the Office of the Dean: