Teaching & Giving Feedback

Thank you for serving as a clinical faculty member for the Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine at Florida International University. We are grateful for your time, resources, and energy in educating our students at the site of clinical care and trust that educating the next generation of physicians will contribute to your professional satisfaction.

This website contains teaching ideas to help you work with students in the clinical setting. It also contains specific information on our overall curriculum and earning CME for learning more about teaching. The clinical skills that allow you to be an excellent clinician can also empower you to be an excellent educator. Consider those who educated you – who do you wish to emulate? What skills made them so effective as medical educators? In what ways did those medical educators impact your growth, your decisions, your practice as a physician, and your current life? As an educator, you will also influence the lives of the students you teach and the patients your learners will one day care for.

Teaching does take time; this website hopes to detail options for enhancing your teaching while optimizing your valuable time, such as orienting learners to your clinical site and your expectations. For example, communicating your expectations around pre-rounding details or pre-clinic huddling can focus the student’s energy into integral patient care roles so that they add value to patient care.

What do patients think of working with medical students? Many patients have enhanced satisfaction in their physician interactions when accompanied by students. Patients may value their roles as teachers and come to expect that students will be on your in-patient team or outpatient clinic. Communicating to patients that you will see the patient and introducing the student is helpful in reassuring patients.

As clinical faculty, you facilitate the students’ richest and most meaningful learning – taking care of patients. Our curriculum relies on you, as clinical faculty, to help our students discover and cultivate the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that will make them better physicians. We appreciate your work in delivering our innovative curriculum aligned with the latest standards of medical education.

With our best regards,
Suzanne Minor, MD, FAAFP

Resources for Resident Teaching

Clinical teaching is a skill every resident must learn. Here are a few resources that are specifically written for residents: