Student Life

Academic Support

Academic success is at the heart of our mission. After all, when students succeed, we succeed. HWCOM provides an array of educational support services to help our students achieve their academic potential. From academic advisors, to a learning specialist, to a peer tutoring program, we are committed to the academic success of all our students.

Student Academic Success Services

Health & Wellness

What is more important than good health? Medical school is tough, and it is easy to lose track of one’s health, even as you focus on the health of others. HWCOM offers a comprehensive health and wellness program that will help you maintain personal self-care while balancing the demands of medical school and beyond. The program includes FIU Health, the Medical Student Counseling and Wellness Center, Fit & Well, Panther Wellness, and more than 40 wellness events every year.

Health & Wellness Support Services

Career & Professional Development

Obtaining a medical degree is only the first step on a long journey to professional success. Our career and professional guidance program is designed to help students identify career goals, assess abilities and skills, explore career options, compete in the Match process, and transition into residency training. The program has helped our medical students achieve a 99% residency placement rate by coordinating the efforts of clinicians, researchers, academic advisors, career counselors, students, alumni, and mentors.

The Office of Student Affairs-Careers and Professional Development Services

Panther Learning Communities

At the heart of the HWCOM experience lies the Panther Learning Communities (PLC’s). Every student is assigned to a learning community when they enter medical school, and that will be their family within a family until they graduate. The PLC’s support the educational program through co-curricular initiatives that enhance student learning, leadership, collaboration, skills-acquisition, mentorship, and problem-solving. IT’s signature programs include the Peer Training Program, the Student Mentoring Network, Panther Wellness, PLC Community Service, and the Student Leadership Development Program.

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Student Organizations & Interest Groups

Medical school is busy enough, so why join an organization or interest group? There are plenty of reasons why! Learn more about yourself, improve your leadership and organizational skills, acquire new skills, explore career options, network with professionals, give back to the community, enhance your curriculum vitae, or just decompress from your studies and have fun! With more than 40 organizations, interest groups, and honor societies, HWCOM students can significantly enhance their education experience while preparing for the road ahead.

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Community Engagement

As a community-based, socially accountable medical school, community service is our identity and service learning is the foundation upon which our educational program was developed. Working with the Green Family Foundation NeighborhoodHELP® (NHELP), our students learn in the best classroom available, our patients’ homes. The PLC Community Service program provides additional opportunities for medical students to support NHELP. Student service doesn’t end there. With organizations like MedSWISH, events like the Miami Art Initiative, and programs like the Student-run clinic at UHI, our students have ample opportunities to give back to the community.

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International Experiences

Ours is a world community, and the health of our nation is impacted by the health of our world. HWCOM has developed affiliations with academic, clinical and research partners worldwide, allowing students to explore different health systems, learn new cultures, and address illness and disease not frequently seen in the United States. Our medical students have broadened their horizons by participating in for-credit and voluntary international experiences in the Caribbean, Central and South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia.

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FIU Campus Life

Life at FIU is more than just going to class. The Modesto A. Maidique Campus, situated in west Miami-Dade, offers students everything you would expect from a major university, including retail stores, restaurants, bistros, libraries, hair salons, auto care services, recreation centers, an art museum, a performing arts center, a nature preserve, intramural fields, and sporting arenas.

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