Admission requirements

Students applying for the Graduate Certificate in Molecular and Biomedical Sciences must meet the following requirements for admission:

  1. Hold a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college in the United States
  2. Be a US citizen or permanent resident
  3. Must have completed all pre-med courses
  4. MCAT scores are optional

Although no MCAT is required for admission to the program, a competitive MCAT is required for eventual matriculation into the HWCOM MD Program. Applicants should have an undergraduate GPA of at least 3.0 to be competitive in the application process.

Tuition and Fees

The estimated Tuition and Fees for the Graduate Certificate in Molecular and Biomedical Sciences will be $21,000*, which will be payable in two installments, at the beginning of each of the two semesters.

*All costs are estimated and subject to change.

Application deadline

The Graduate Certificate Program runs in the Fall and Spring semesters of the university calendar. Students are admitted into the program in the Fall semester.

Steps to application

  • 1. Complete the FIU University Graduate School Admissions Application

    The FIU Graduate School Admissions Application must be completed online. Applicants must create a user account with login credentials. Once in the application, applicants must select “Graduate Certificate” and use the drop down menu to select the application for the certificate in Molecular and Biomedical Sciences.

    Each Applicant must include an email address in his or her application. All communications, including admissions decisions from the FIU University Graduate School Admissions Office, are sent to applicants via email. Applicants should ensure that their email settings allow communication from

    Applications do not have to be completed in one sitting. Changes may be made multiple times by signing into the user account. However, once you click on ‘submit’, the application will be delivered to the Graduate Admissions Office electronically and will no longer be accessible to the applicant. However, supplemental material may be uploaded.

    There is a $30 application fee, which may be paid with a major credit card (Visa, Master Card, Discover or American Express). Please note that applications are not processed until the application fee is paid.

    State residency documents are required whether or not you are a Florida resident. The documents must be uploaded with your Graduate School Admissions Application.

    A Student Identification Number or Panther ID is assigned upon receipt of the online application. It is sent via email along with the confirmation of receipt of application.


  • 2. Submit Official Transcripts

    Official transcripts must be submitted for each college or university an applicant has attended. Transcripts must come directly from the issuing institution to FIU in sealed envelopes or via secure electronic contact to the University Graduate School. Applicants who have attended FIU or are currently attending FIU do not need to submit an FIU transcript.

    Official transcripts can be submitted electronically to

    Transcripts sent via mail or courier services should be sent to:

    Courier services:
    Modesto A. Maidique Campus, BT 201
    11200 S.W. 8th Street
    Miami, FL 33199

    Regular mail:
    FIU Graduate Admissions
    P.O. Box 659004
    Miami, FL 33265-9004


  • 3. Complete the HWCOM Graduate Certificate Departmental Application

    After submitting the University Graduate School application, each applicant also must complete the HWCOM Graduate Certificate Departmental Application at

    Each applicant must submit the departmental application using the “Submit My Application” button. There is no charge to submit the Departmental Application.


  • 4. Letters of recommendation

    Each applicant must have a minimum of two letters of recommendations submitted. Both of these letters should be preferably from science faculty members. Letters of recommendation from friends or family members should not be submitted and will not be considered. Strong letters attesting to an applicant’s educational background, motivation, analytical skills, and promise as a health professional are considered important by the admissions committee. In the Departmental Application, each applicant will list the names of their recommenders with their respective emails. The system will generate an email to the recommenders with instructions as to how to submit a letter of recommendation on behalf of the applicant.

Finalizing your admission file

The Graduate Certificate Admissions Committee reviews only completed applications. Any missing documents should be sent by the June 15th deadline. You may check the status of your application by logging on to the Departmental Application.

For additional questions regarding the status of an application, applicants should contact us by phone at 305-348-9064 or by email at

Application checklist

  1. FIU University Graduate School Admissions Application including residency documents
  2. Official Transcripts
  3. HWCOM Graduate Certificate Departmental Application which includes a personal statement
  4. Two letters of recommendation received