Paying for the Program

The estimated tuition and fees for the Graduate Certificate in Molecular and Biomedical Sciences will be $21,000* and can be paid in two to four installments per semester.

Federal loans aren’t available for this program. However, students are encouraged to meet with the Office of Financial Assistance to discuss ways to pay for the program.

Students can apply for scholarships and funding opportunities by visiting the Office of Scholarships.

Tracey A. Weiler, Ph.D. Educational Scholarship Fund

Dr. Sarah Sherman, a graduate of both the certificate and MD programs at the College of Medicine, created the Tracey A. Weiler, Ph.D. Educational Scholarship Fund to support students enrolled in the Certificate in Molecular & Biomedical Sciences program.

“Above all else, [the graduate certificate program] has given me the confidence to know I am capable of success in medical school and beyond. And the funds from this scholarship will immensely help pay for tuition.”

Mia Uzcategui, GCP 2023 Cohort

GCP has taught me so much about life, medicine, and the world that we have inside our tissues and cells. This scholarship will help me pay off loans and support my family during a challenging economic period. And I cannot wait to come back and speak to future cohorts as a medical student and then physician and even one day host a scholarship as great and noble as this one.

Juan Rayo Parra, GCP 2023 Cohort


*All costs are estimated and subject to change. Only U.S. citizens or permanent residents are eligible for the guaranteed interview or acceptance into the HWCOM MD program. A minimum cohort is needed to launch the program.