Tuition and fees

  • Payment structure

    Class Year
















    (Table: Class Year PA1 - Fall: 1/3, Spring: 1/3, Summer: 1/3; Class Year PA2 - Fall: 1/3, Spring: 1/3, Summer: 1/3; Class Year PA3 - Fall: 1/3, Spring: None, Summer: None)

    University Fees MPAS Tuition and Fee Breakdown

    Books and Supplies

    Cost is estimated based on a survey of costs associated with required books and supplies. Books and supplies include required textbooks, miscellaneous supplies, and diagnostic instruments such as stethoscopes and reflex hammers.

    Room and Board

    The off-campus housing component assumes an average of current rates for rental units in the surrounding community; this average is used in the standard, traditional COA budget. Students should consider housing options carefully. Other housing budgets include with parents and are determined by what is reported in the FAFSA. The food component (board) of the student budget assumes a combination of prepared meals and grocery expenses required for cooking at home.


    Travel costs are estimated based on the cost of car maintenance, gas, and insurance.

    Personal Expenses

    Personal expenses for HWCOM students are estimated based on costs for a student's cell phone, clothing, uniforms, haircuts, laundry, cleaning, supplies, membership dues, journal subscriptions, registrations, dental visits, entertainment, etc.

    MPAS Student Fees

    Physician Assistant student fees consist of all fees external from university fees, including fees for disability insurance, background checks, drug screens, immunizations, AAPA and FAPA fees, etc.

    Loan Fees

    Per federal regulations, an additional reimbursable expense has been included for the average assessed Federal Direct Loan origination fees.

  • Estimated cost of attendance 2023 - 2024

    Established by the FL State Legislature, FL Board of Governors, and the FIU Board of Trustees


    In-state resident off-campus

    Out-of-state resident off-campus 

    Educational Expenses

    Tuition for one year



    University Fees



    Living Expenses

    Books and Supplies







    $5, 408

    $5, 408




    Personal Expenses



    Health Insurance



    Medical Student Fees



    Loan Fees*






    *Figures may be subject to change.

    *Per federal regulations, a reimbursable allowance has been included for Federal Direct Loan Origination fees. Health Insurance expenses may be reimbursed with proof of purchase of the insurance policy. The off-campus housing component assumes single occupancy of rental units in the surrounding community. Estimates are based on a 12-month budget.

  • Estimated cost of program

    * Estimated Tuition and Fees are subject to change based on the Board of Trustees Approval and are calculated assuming 92 credit hours over 27 months.





    Program-associated fees

    Professional Development Orientation Seminar Seat Deposit


    Student Health Insurance *required unless proof of equivalent coverage (Annual)


    Disability Insurance (Annual)


    Books (Annual)


    Medical Equipment Kit


    American Databank - Registration


    American Databank - Background Check


    American Databank - Drug Screen


    Note: All fees are subject to change

Types of aid

There are a few options for financial aid assistance including federal aid, private student loans, grants, and scholarships. MPAS students are subject to a lifetime borrowing limit of $138,500, for all Federal Direct Loans (subsidized and unsubsidized) received for undergraduate and graduate education.

The Online PA Degrees website lists scholarships for physician assistant students at statewide and national levels. 

For a list of all the types of aid offered to the MPAS students.

Debt management tools

The HWCOM Office of Financial Assistance utilizes a variety of debt management tools to assist you in strengthening your financial literacy, loan repayment, and money management skills.

HWCOM Interactive Budget Worksheet

The HWCOM Interactive Budget Worksheet Guide and Budget Worksheet form can help you determine the appropriate amount of financial aid to accept.

The Loan Data System in Student Aid

The Loan Data System in contains the U.S. Department of Education's central database for student aid. receives data from schools, guaranty agencies, the Direct Loan program, and other Department of Education programs. NSLDS Student Access provides a centralized, integrated view of Title IV loans and grants, so that recipients can access and inquire about their personal loans and/or grants data.

Credit Reports

It is important that students realize the impact their credit reports have on financial aid options, student loans, and future credit access. Students should regularly monitor credit histories and annually check credit reports.

Debt Management Program

The Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine offers optional one-on-one counseling upon entrance and exit from our programs.

Visit Financial Aid Counseling

Need more help?

Visit our Office of Financial Assistance's resource page to find contact information for your program's financial aid officer.