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Faculty Support Services

HWCOM is developing a multipronged faculty support structure that will aid in faculty networking, satisfaction, and retention. The support structure incorporates the Office of Women in Medicine and Science Career Development Workshop for Everyone workshops, the E2L (Empower to Lead) forum, Office of Diversity and Inclusion, and the Career Development Coaching Program.

The WIMS Career Development Workshops for Everyone is a series of workshops hosted (Fall and Winter semesters) with the purpose of educating ALL faculty and staff about career advancement at HWCOM/FIU. 

For this upcoming fall we are happy to announce that we will be launching our Spotlight Series.  This series will introduce renowned figures of the community who will share their expertise and provide advice on how to be better professionals. 

Empower to Lead (E2L)- E2L serves as a discussion forum for all faculty and staff to share thoughts and ideas related to leadership practice and theory.

Career Development Coaching Program

The Office of the Associate Dean for Women in Medicine and Science surveys the faculty once a year to determine areas where professional development is needed. Results from that survey are used to create the Office of Women in Medicine and Science Workshop Series, offered throughout the year, to address reported development needs. Parallel to the workshop series, the Office of WIMS coordinates the Coaching Program for Women Faculty, which offers more targeted professional development by pairing content/task coaches with coachees. Coaches and coachees are recruited through the same yearly survey, and the pairing occurs throughout the year as schedule availabilities permit.

Current coaches are assisting with grant writing, CV construction, interviewing skills, negotiation skills, publication writing skills, communication skills, educational skills, clinical skills, and conflict management skills.

HWCOM administers annual faculty and staff evaluations that encompass a self-evaluation and review of clinical/basic science/translational research and publication, teaching, administration and service, along with a summary of accomplishments and goals with metrics.

In collaboration with the Office for Diversity and Inclusion, we work with faculty members and administrators to advance faculty diversity, as well as to enhance faculty development programs and policies. We seek to create a culture where faculty members can succeed and be a thriving force in the fabric of the institution.

Contact Us

For additional information about the Office of Women in Medicine and Science, please contact:

Wendy Bravo
Office: AHC2 471A
Tel: 305-348-3981