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Women in Medicine and Science

The mission of Office of Women in Medicine and Science is to ensure gender equity, promote the recruitment/retention of a diverse faculty of women, promote the recruitment/retention of diverse medical students; recognize women in science and medicine, and promote the career and leadership advancement of female faculty.


Goal 1: Promote an environment and institutional culture conducive to retaining female faculty.

Goal 2: Increase the number of women in all academic categories (clinical and basic sciences) over the next 5 years.

Goal 3: Promote the academic development of female medical students.

Goal 4: Encourage female FIU undergraduate students to enroll into STEM programs.

HWCOM Faculty Distribution by Gender

hwcom faculty gender distribution This data is from the full HR Employee report retrieved from our PantherSoft (Database Management System on April 2, 2018).


FIU College of Medicine (FIU HWCOM) vs. Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC)


Data collected by the AAMC Faculty Roster published on December 31, 2017. Table 9. Distribution of U.S. Medical School Faculty by Sex and Rank.

Women in Medicine