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How do I qualify for a voluntary faculty appointment at FIU HWCOM

The process ranges from two weeks to one month.


Step 1

Update your CV in the correct format for FIU.

Step 2

Submit your CV to the Office of Clinical Affairs.

Step 3

The Office of Clinical Affairs submits your CV to the office of the department chair.

Step 4

The department chair completes the Appointment, Promotion and Tenure (APT) Faculty Nomination Form.

Step 5

The coordinator or department assistant submits the completed APT Faculty Nomination Form and CV to Human Resources at the College of Medicine.

Step 6

Human Resources Submits the APT Faculty Nomination Form and CV to the Appointment, Promotion and Tenure Committee for approval.

  • Helpful links for each step in becoming Voluntary Faculty at the Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine: Correct CV Format - Be sure to explain any gaps in your CV and to include months, not just years.
  • Correct CV Format with Examples
  • List of HWCOM departments
  • If you would like to submit your CV to become a voluntary faculty, contact Jessica N. Gomez, Senior Administrative Assistant in the Office of Clinical Affairs, at If you do not hear from us within two months of submitting your CV, contact Suzanne Minor, MD, Clinical Faculty Development Director, at