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Collaboration with The Honors College: Honors College Courses

One of the ways in which HWCOM collaborates with The FIU Honors College is through teaching a course entitled: Challenges in Healthcare (IDH 3034 and IDH 3035).

FIU Honors College Courses

Two sequential elective courses available through the FIU Honors College (Challenges in Healthcare I [IDH 3034] and Challenges in Healthcare II [IDH 3035]) provide opportunities for FIU undergraduate students to satisfy an FIU undergraduate requirement for “global learning” while exploring health-related topics such as the history of medicine, infections in a global historical context, social determinants of health, medical ethics, and a variety of other topics of interest to students who may later pursue advanced degrees in health professions. Innovative pedagogical strategies are utilized to raise students’ awareness of the interrelatedness of local, global, international, and intercultural issues. The interdisciplinary nature of The Honors College facilitates students’ ability to develop a multi-perspective analysis of local, global, international, and intercultural problems, as well as their willingness engage in problem solving in diverse settings.

Course Goals

  • To assist students in selecting a career in medicine. What are the healthcare career options? How do they get there?
  • To improve students' preparedness for a career in medicine (e.g. acquiring competencies basic to the practice of medicine, preparing for the challenges of the MCAT and the academic rigors of medical school, understanding the ethical/moral challenges faced by medical practitioners)
  • To help students acquire knowledge that will advance their understanding of healthcare delivery locally, nationally, and globally (e.g. healthcare systems, health policy, research, public health, social determinants, etc.)
  • To provide opportunities for mentorship and guidance by HWCOM faculty