Doctors of Tomorrow

Doctors of Tomorrow is an intensive 6-day residential academic premedical summer enrichment program. The primary goal is to increase the number of disadvantaged and underrepresented applicants gaining entrance to medical school.

Doctors of Tomorrow 2017

Program Highlights

The DOT program includes activities that span the following areas: academic enrichment, learning skills development, clinical medicine, communication skills, counseling, career development and character building and enrichment activities. The focus is on helping you be a better undergraduate student and a more competitive applicant to medical school.

Academic Enrichment

  • Anatomy
  • Community Service
  • Medical Ethics
  • Research

Clinical Medicine

  • Inpatient
  • Outpatient
  • Simulations

Communication Skills

  • Mock Interviews
  • Personal Statement
  • Public Speaking

Learning Skills

  • Concept Mapping
  • Literature Search
  • MCAT Preparation
  • Test-Taking Strategies
  • Time Management

Counseling and Mentoring

  • Admissions Process
  • Financial Aid
  • Medical Student Mentoring

Professional and Career Development

  • Faculty Mentoring
  • Work-Life Balance

Program Eligibility

Applicants to the DOT program must meet the following requirements to be considered:


  • Florida resident
  • U.S. citizenship or permanent resident
  • Underrepresented minority in medicine, first-generation college student, or low socioeconomic status


  • Minimum completion of 60 credits
  • Minimum completion of two semesters of biology and two semesters of chemistry
  • Minimum GPA of 3.0

Students interested in participating in the DOT program must submit their application by Monday, March 6, 2023. The six-day program is from Sunday, May 21, 2023, through Friday, May 26, 2023.

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Application Requirements

  1. Submit a complete online application by the application deadline. See Dates and Deadlines for details.
  2. One letter of recommendation is required as part of the online application. You will indicate the writer's email address, and they will receive a request when you submit the application.

If you have any questions or want to learn more about the DOT program, email Wanetta Ghisiawan, senior program director, or call 305-348-0644.

The DOT program was a huge milestone in my journey of becoming a future physician. It reaffirmed my confidence and capabilities regardless of my socioeconomic status or skin color. And the faculty and guest speakers were extremely insightful. I am forever thankful to have been selected for the DOT program, and I hope to be a part of the College of Medicine in the near future!

Jaylanie Lopez