Sites for Elective Rotations for International Medical Students

Moving patient care from inpatient to outpatient settings is a transformative trend for US hospitals. Inpatient and outpatient are terms used to describe care or facilities available to patients. Some medical facilities, like hospitals, may offer both types of care, depending upon the needs of the persons involved. Outpatient care refers to services offered to an individual that does not involve an overnight stay in a medical facility. The typical visit to a doctor’s office is outpatient, but so is a surgery in a hospital where the patient returns home the same day. An inpatient is a patient who must be hospitalized for at least one night in order to receive medical treatment.

Inpatients are often in the hospital for surgical procedures, or for monitoring after accidents or serious medical events, which compromised their health in some way.

Outpatient Facilities (Ambulatory and Surgical Care Centers)

  • Alberto Dominguez-Bali, MD, PA
  • Alonzo Grant, MD
  • Amnerys Garcia, MD, PA
  • Carlos Rodriguez-Ortiz, MD
  • Celestino Castellon, MD, PA
  • Digestive Medicine Associates
  • Eduardo A. Reyes, MD, PA
  • Eugenio Guevara, MD, PA
  • Florida Physicians Group
  • Flores Dermatology
  • Franco & Company, LLC
  • Henry Mata, MD, PA
  • Imagos Institute of Plastic Surgery
  • Jaime Campos, MD
  • Javier Perez, MD, PA
  • Jesus Rivera, MD, PA
  • Jorge Bordenave, MD, PA
  • Jorge L. Marcos, MD
  • Kidz Medical Services
  • Kid Care Pediatrics
  • Lamas Surgical Associates
  • Luis Del Prado Rodriguez, MD, PA
  • Lung and Critical Care Specialists
  • MD Neocare
  • Miami Global OBGYN
  • Pro Hospital Group
  • Orlando A. Galindez, MD, PA
  • Quality Surgical Care, PA
  • Rey Medical Imaging
  • South Florida Kidney Partners
  • Sanchez-Cazau Medical Group
  • Unicardio Medical Center


  • Hialeah Hospital
  • Coral Gables Hospital
  • Palmetto General Hospital (Pediatrics only)
  • West Gables Rehabilitation Center