HWCOM's Office of Graduate Medical Education (GME) is headed by our Associate Dean of GME, Robert Levine, MD. Dr. Levine also serves as the Designated Institutional Official (DIO) and the Program Director of our Primary Care Internal Medicine Residency Program. Daniel Castellanos, MD, serves as Assistant Dean of GME and Maryam Shakir is the GME Manager.

As we begin our journey as a Sponsoring Institution, we look forward to providing future physicians the opportunity to develop the skills and competencies to practice medicine in a patient-centered environment and to become leaders, enhancing health care excellence in our community.

  • Core FIU Faculty
    • Betty Albo, MD
    • Muhammad Adnan Aziz, MD
    • Panagiota Caralis, MD
    • Guillermo Izquierdo-Pretel, MD
    • Rachel Morrison, MD
    • Isabelle Rostain, MD
  • Graduate Medical Education Committee

    Voting Members

    • Robert Levine, MD, Associate Dean of GME, DIO, PD (FIU)
    • Remberto Rodriguez, MD, Associate Chief of Staff (VAHCS)
    • Brian Hagenlocker, MD, QI/Safety Officer (VAHCS)
    • Joslyn Wiley MD, Assistant PD
    • Muhammed Aziz, MD IM Core Faculty
    • Tessa Haspil-Corgan, MD, GMEC member (FIU)/EM
    • Minh Nhat Hoang, MD, Acting Chief of Medicine (VAHCS)
    • Travis Forney, MD, IM Program Faculty (VAHCS)
    • Mahek Sharma, MD, Resident Member
    • Wayne Broth, MD, Resident Member
    • Amalia Landa Galindez, MD, Chief Division of Medicine (FIU)

    Non-Voting Members

    • Maryam Shakir, Assistant Director
    • Val Aubourg, Senior Counsel (FIU)
    • David Brown, MD, Chair Family Medicine (FIU)
  • Miami Veterans Healthcare System Affiliates
    • Chief of Staff - Seth Spector, MD
    • Associate Chief of Staff (Ambulatory Care) – Remberto Rodriguez, MD
    • Designated Education Official – Brian Hagenlocker, MD
    • Associate Program Director – Joslyn Wiley, MD
    • Acting Chief of Medicine – Minh Nhat Hoang, MD
  • Jackson Memorial Hospital Affiliates
    • Chief Clinical Officer – Hany Atallah, MD
    • Chief (Hospitalist Service) – Pankaj Khurana, MD
    • Program Director, Emergency Medicine (JMH-residency program) – Christopher Freeman, MD