Office of Assessment

The Office of Assessment under the Office of Medical Education functions in multiple roles. The first function assures knowledge about college-wide outcomes related to student, faculty, course, clinical and programmatic performance data; which support efforts toward improving learning and teaching quality, and external reporting requirements. The second function ensures the effective delivery of exams to HWCOM medical students. Another important function of the department is to provide consultations for faculty to promote academic research, survey design, test construction, and item analysis.

The Assessment department collects and disseminates data about exam, course grades, faculty, preceptor, course and clerkship outcomes to a wide range of administrative and academic offices throughout the College of Medicine. One of the most important reports generated is the Assessment Analysis report, which provides a series of internal quality measures developed by the Assessment department and national benchmarks. This report serves as an outcomes-based quality improvement tool for providing feedback to course directors, faculty, period directors, faculty development director, and senior administrators about teaching and learning effectiveness.

Support services provided

  • Assist faculty with support for implementing exams into testing software.
  • Administer assessments: scheduling, proctoring, accommodations, test delivery.
  • Provide exam scores and coaching reports.
  • Meet with faculty to provide quality improvement consultation and assessment analysis feedback from exam metric outcomes reports.
  • Medical student and curriculum evaluation.
  • Analysis of internally developed assessments and compare student performance against national benchmarks.
  • Maintain test files for review.
  • Meet with faculty to discuss overall course and clerkship assessments.
  • Provide consultation for academic research.