Stipend and Tuition

Students admitted into the Ph.D. in Biomedical Sciences program receive a $30,000 stipend for the 2023-24 academic year. The stipend is intended to cover living expenses and all student fees. In addition to the stipend, the University Graduate School pays for the student's tuition.

If eligible, all permanent residents and citizens living out-of-state must file for reclassification as Florida residents.

Taxes and Fees

Any portion of a stipend or fellowship used for living expenses is subject to U.S. taxes. The interpretation and implementation of the tax laws is the domain of the Internal Revenue Service. FIU is required to withhold taxes on the portion of a fellowship used for living expenses of an international student unless a tax treaty exists between the student's country and the United States.

Students with graduate assistantships are responsible for per-credit tuition fees, term fees, and other miscellaneous fees as delineated by the Graduate School.


A breakdown of the costs associated with Graduate School at FIU can be explored at the cost of living at FIU. Full-time estimate cost of attendance is based on 9 credits for graduate students for 2023-2024.

As a reminder, you will be responsible for paying all student fees since the tuition waiver does not cover them.