The Division of Neuroscience is a medical multidisciplinary science that focuses on fundamental properties and functions of the human nervous system and brain. Neuroscience physicians and scientists focus on how the brain impacts human behavioral and cognitive functions, whether it be conventional or pathological.

Our practitioners and researchers tackle this expanding discipline from different fields and bring awareness to our patients from both anatomical and psychological standpoints in terms of neuroplasticity, hardwired functions, and pathological conditions. Neuroscientists are proficient in seeing patients in circumstances such as inpatient, outpatient, and critical care. Some neuroscientists specialize in different branches of study such as Behavioral, Cognitive, Computational, Neuroengineering, Neuroinformatics, Neurophysiology, and Social neuroscience.

Our Mission

The Division of Neuroscience is devoted to merit in neuroscience research, both clinical and scholarly. Our mission is to foster health care and medical education by promoting innovation, welfare, esteemed professionalism, and overall diversity. Our faculty members include an array of highly recognized scholars and professors within their field of specialty who share a passion for translational medicine and a deep love for the community of South Florida.