Match Day

2024 Match Results

This year's Match was an electrifying day, complete with the M4s Band rocking Don't Stop Believin', streamer canons, and the eagerly awaited envelopes.

Emotions flooded the room as students discovered the next step in their medical journey. A once distant milestone, accomplished.

Dean Juan Cendan reminded students that the "envelope is the name on a door." The door opens possibilities but does not define their journey. It will be up to each student to seize opportunities and create their own paths.

It was a perfect Match Day—all Class of 2024 applicants secured residency placements, marking the second consecutive year of this exceptional achievement.

Match Day 2024 in Pictures

Match Results Class of 2024

  • 100%Residency Placement Rate
  • 113Residency Placements
  • 42%Florida Residencies
  • 28%South Florida Residencies
  • 58%Primary Care Residencies
  • 23Total specialties in 23 states, including Florida
  • Top 5Top 5 Specialties: Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, Psychiatry, Emergency Medicine, and OB/GYN