R. Judith Tuchman-Ratzan

R. Judith Tuchman-Ratzan

Division of Internal Medicine; Associate professor

Translational Medicine

Email: rratzan@fiu.edu

Language: English

Dr. R. Judith Ratzan has a medical career beginning in 1972. Dr. Ratzan has worked at University of Miami as an Assistant Professor of Medicine. In 1977 Ratzan worked at Mt. Sinai Medical Center on Miami Beach and saw patients there until 2002 when she retired from practice. During her appointment at Mt. Sinai, she was involved in clinical research trials through ECOG.

In 2000 Ratzan was elected as the first woman president of the Dade County Medical Association. During her tenure she created initiatives that provided support to women physicians in the community. Following retirement, Ratzan joined the faculty of the University of Miami as an Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine. Currently she is an associate professor teaching second year medical students Professional Behavior II and Medical Humanism II at FIU Medical School. Dr. Ratzan also works with her students after lectures to provide additional support through discussions.


M.D., Tufts University School of Medicine- Boston, MA

B.A., Smith College- Northampton, MA


University of Miami Medical School Award for Excellence in Teaching, 1997

Selected Publications

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  2. Ratzan RJ, Moore MAS, Yunis AA: Effect of Chloramphenicol and Thiamphenicol on the In-Vitro Colony Forming Cell. Blood 43: 363 1974
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