2014 Artists/artwork
Suehyb Alkhatib

Born in Indiana and raised around the world, life to me is a series of perspectives each of us has that is shaped by our experiences. When I frame my pictures I try to convey a perspective that challenges my own initial assumptions of my surroundings. My images ideally will make me see the world in new ways, and will show you a bit of my world through the lens of my camera.

Tasneem Alkhatib

"When I look at the world; I like to see it in small parts; definite details. I see beauty in that small part; it tells a story of its own. Then I take a step back and connect that small part with the whole and its fits beautifully like a puzzle piece slowly pressed into its place. With photography I can isolate those small parts of the whole and make it look like it's in its own whole world with its randomness and obscure shapes."

Alfredo Armas

For as long as I can remember, I have been painting or sculpting or drawing. Being the son of two artistic parents and the grandson of an artistic grandmother, I have always felt the urge to express myself through visual medium. Making art is something I enjoy simply for what it is. I do not believe that my work adheres to a particular theme or statement; rather, I think that I am just exploring possibilities. I am a Cuban-American born and raised in Miami Florida. I studied and practiced art throughout my childhood, and graduated from The University of Miami in 2013 with a bachelor’s degree in Studio Art. I am currently a second year medical student at the FIU Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine. I believe that medicine and art complement each other very well, and I plan on learning and growing as both, a physician and an artist, for the rest of my life.

Aaron Arroyave

25-year-old artist Aaron J. Arroyave, a Miami native, is currently a second year medical student at FIU’s Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine. Although never receiving any formal artistic training, he has been drawing and painting since early childhood, and has shown his painting throughout Florida, with his most recent solo exhibit at Pinecrest Gardens. His work depicts subjects ranging from semi-abstract landscapes to complex beings full of character, emotion, and vigor. He captures dream-like scenes that are vibrant and lively, yet inexplicably daunting.

Patricia Barrow

Patricia Barrow has been a successful artist for 30 years. First as a professional photographer and then as an oil painter. She has studied at the Maryland Institute of Art, the Torpedo Factory in Alexandria Virginia, University of Miami, and in Provence, France with Andrew Petrov. She paints daily in her studio in Coconut Grove. Her specialty is impressionistic interpretations of locales she regularly visits in Martha's Vineyard, Provence and Florida.

I was manufactured in (Miami, Fl.-USA) with Cuban parts and a few Spanish screws thrown in for good measure. I am primarily a self-taught artist since childhood and highly influenced by my older brother, also an artist. Most of the work that I had created by 1992 was almost entirely lost as a result of hurricane Andrew. Soon after, life presented many other responsibilities for many years to which resulted in much of my artwork being trapped in my own ‘vault of thoughts’.

In recent years the locks to the vault were blown out and the door swung wide open allowing a flurry of escapees out into the wild. I consider my work and may even label it simply as, “expression of thought”. There is not any one ‘style’ in particular that I am bound by. My pieces can be influenced by a simple thought or a thought process as well as my own life experiences. Many times a piece can be influenced from a simple word or expression used in both the English and Spanish language, especially when using Cuban expressions or slang. I am a fan of humor wherever and whenever I can find it. I think we all deserve humor and laughter in our lives. I use it abundantly in my work. Although the end result may become more of a statement and border on the cynical, it still involves humor in the making.

Marco Caridad

Marco Caridad, born in Maracaibo, Venezuela in 1985, discovered his love for the arts while studying at the world-renowned art schools Bellas Artes and Neptalí Rincón specializing in their Fine Art and Theater programs. He later decided to pursue a higher education and study the technical aspects of graphic arts, immediately applying each new skill to his professional work until finding his niche in graphic communications.

As a tribute to his success in the arts and his love for the community, Marco has a long history of service, having traveled to foreign places to work with children, and he’s served as the Co-President of AIGA's Miami chapter, where he devoted hours of work to unite and inspire graphic designers in the South Florida community, developing the first-annual "Latin Design Conference" to establishing Miami as the gateway to US business for Latin American companies.

Currently, Marco uses his creative mind and dedication to work with multiple agencies nationwide as a freelance Art Director and UX Designer, while continuing to pursue his passion for print and digital arts.

Sofia Chimaras

Born an artist, Sofia Chimaras is a fourth generation artist. Painting and drawing long before she was reading or writing, Sofia displayed outstanding artistic ability. She has developed her style and technique as a product of her personal evolution. These are expressed in her art as a glorification of freedom and a song to life.

Her work has been exhibited in Switzerland, Venezuela and the United States. Sofia attended Simon Bolivar University and ultimately graduated from The Central University of Venezuela prior to participating at Sol Nacad atelier. Her work is usually developed in thematic series of individual pieces. She is a working artist who balances her artistic time between the artwork itself, exhibitions and teaching at The Art Essence Center, her own Creativity Workshop.

Jonathan Cole

Cole digs deep into the subconscious through the two-dimensional medium of art, aiming to decipher causality while shedding light on the psychological mechanisms that drive human personality. Subject matter is drawn from personality disorder archetypes, concepts of energy healing and the surrounding descriptive language, and the influence of the divine as perceived from varied world religions.

In essence, each piece address a psychological, mental, emotional or spiritual ailment that is being either confronted, succumbed to, healed or triumphed over. While decorative and highly rendered, the pieces are designed to instigate a healing response. A piece may depict a classic character trait, such as the masochist archetype, and within the artwork may lay the essence of that ailment. The piece might suggest a positive outcome, or simply depict the pitfalls that are to be overcome. As an artistically depicted road map to healing, the piece acts as the catalyst for change. Ideally, the viewer is triggered into an emotional response, and at best a spiritual effect becomes apparent and sets off the impulse to heal.

Additional Information: www.theartofjonathan.com
Xavier Cortada

Xavier Cortada, who was born in Albany, New York and grew up in Miami, holds degrees from the University of Miami College of Arts and Sciences, Graduate School of Business and School of Law. Currently, Cortada serves as Artist-in-Residence at Florida International University‘s (FIU) College of Architecture + The Arts (CARTA).

Cortada often collaborates with scientists in his art-making. He created art installations in the Earth’s poles to generate awareness about global climate change, worked with physicists at CERN to develop a site-specific art installation capturing the technology used to discover the new Higgs-like particle, explored with geneticists our ancestral journeys out of Africa, and more. Today, Cortada is currently working with scientists at Hubbard Brook LTER on a water cycle visualization project driven by real-time data collected at a watershed in New Hampshire’s White Mountains.

Additional Information: www.cortada.com
Nicolle Cure

Nicolle Cure, a contemporary artist, received a bachelor’s degree in advertising from the University of Florida. From a very young age, art has played a major role. It has taken her all throughout the world, allowing her to showcase her work in places such as Colombia, South Korea, China as well as the United States.

Nicolle has always loved to experiment with mediums such as charcoal, watercolor, acrylic, wood and paper. She finds herself intrigued by the mystery and passion of human emotion, and captures it through her use of color and composition.

Nicolle has also taken the time give back to the community. She has donated her work to causes such as Research for the Cure of Pediatric Cancer, Juvenile Diabetes and Public Education. To escape what she considers the monotonous lifestyle that people can fall into, she paints to bring out a more relaxed state of mind.

Alicia del Aguila was born in Lima, Peru. She came to the United States at age 8 and was introduced to the magnet program at South Miami Middle in 2005. She enjoys drawing abstract figures and incorporating the art therapy techniques as much as she draws. Alicia majored in drawing and photography at New World School of the Arts and has illustrated several children's books. Her first passion was cartooning, as a child she enjoyed watching cartoons too. The last few years for Alicia have been experimental in her practice. She traveled to see the different art expressions in the United States and is now working in Homestead incorporating her past majors.

E V O C A 1

A Dominican born figurative painter, street artist and designer based out of Miami, Florida. Born in the Dominican Republic in 1984, where he spent most of his childhood drawing on walls and playing baseball, until eventually moving to Hollywood, Florida at age 11. He has been making art his whole life without any formal art school training, teaching himself how to paint with oil, acrylic, latex and spray paint. He is currently living and working out of Miami, Florida, where he continues to develop his craft.

Connie Lloveras

Connie Lloveras was born in Cuba and resides in Miami. She received her BFA degree from FIU. Monographic exhibitions of her work include galleries in Chicago, Cambridge, Puerto Rico and Nicaragua. Her works are included in the Lowe Art Museum, University of Miami, the Museum of Art in Ft. Lauderdale and Boca Raton. She has completed public art commission in Miami-Dade County and a federal building in Dallas, Texas. She received the Miami-Dade Hall of Fame award in 2009, the State of Florida Individual Artist Fellowship Award in 2002, among many other honors for artistic excellence throughout her career.

Maria Patino

Maria grew up in El Cairo Valle, a remote village located in the Andes Mountains in Colombia. She has lived in New York and Texas where she has exhibited her artwork. Maria has a BFA from the School of Visual Arts in New York City where she studied graphic design. She’s currently an artist and an art educator.

“Blue Journey”

Blue Journey is a series of mixed media paintings created during 2011 to the present. She and her daughter Sabrina relocated to Miami from Fort Worth, Texas leaving behind her family and a broken relationship of many years. “Blue Journey” represents many of the challenges she and her daughter faced during our time adjusting and accepting our new space in Miami. She faced her own life journey, a world full of insecurities and unanswered questions to a life of emotional stability and her search for peace and self-acceptance.

Facebook: Maria Patino Art Studio

Instagram: Bluetree_artstudio

Ana Trelles Portuondo

Ana Trelles Portuondo is an artist and an educator with a B.A. in Education and Fine Art. She was born in Havana, Cuba, and lives in Miami, Florida, with her Architect husband and four beautiful and creative children.

With her experience spanning over twenty years, her work has been exhibited in venues such as the Four Arts Society - a juried show - winning an award for her entry, FIU's Art Museum and Student Gallery, Borders Gallery in Coral Gables, and private homes of collectors, allowing her classically inspired portraits to be seen.

She has also been an art teacher for more than twenty years in several Miami based schools, currently working at St. Theresa School in Coral Gables.

Due to her unprecedented knowledge in fine art she has been able to pass on her passion and knowledge to thousands of students.

Carlos Ricotti, M.D. is a practicing dermatologist and dermatopathologist in Miami, Florida. Dermatology is a visual field of medicine that requires understanding and interpretation of skin disease morphology. Dermatopathology is a sub-specialty of dermatology that requires the visual interpretation of skin biopsies utilizing light and immunofluorescence microscopy to make a diagnosis. The unusual though beautiful microscopic histologic morphology is unique and displays the complexity of cellular and tissue architecture of the skin. For over 10 years Carlos has utilized de-identified skin biopsy specimens to acquire images and display them in their natural and modified form. The biology of skin is fascinating, however, the visual beauty is unappreciated in its true form. In recent years there has been a renewed cultural interest in art/medical collaborations and his collection show the natural and modified beauty of the skin at a microscopic level.

Silvy Scherr

Born in Morocco, having spent her formative years in France and Israel, Silvy has made Coconut Grove her home for over thirty years. Silvy began her career as an artist with an interest in miniature ink drawings, moving on to oil and acrylic on traditional and found surfaces, using thick layers of paint, texturizing surfaces, producing a coarse, structured or weathered appearance. She tries to capture the space between abstraction and realism through action and movement of the symbolic object and the human form, creating, at once, a sense of recognition and ambiguity. She explores the unusual object in part or whole and the human form in the context of others or alone, in space that is opaque, enigmatic yet understood.

Anne Goffin Smith

She attributes her early love of art to her Belgian grandmother, whose impressionist painting style and encouragement resonates with her still. After graduating from Georgetown University with a degree in marketing, she attended Pratt Institute’s School of Art and Design in New York City where she earned a master’s degree in package design. I worked for several years as an art director and a freelance artist.

She took up painting again in her 30s and has been painting ever since then! Whether it is to capture the effect of light filtered through trees or the sun reflecting off a car, she becomes completely absorbed in trying to render with great detail the image through paint. She loves color and the passing effects of light and shadow, as reflected in my latest series: CARS. She feels quite nostalgic when she paints these beautiful, old cars.

Her work has been displayed in a variety of venues, most recently at the Art Essex Gallery in Connecticut, the Ceres Art Gallery in New York City, and the Southport galleries in Southport, Connecticut.

Additional Information: www.annegoffinsmith.com
Gary Traczyk

Gary Traczyk’s stainless steel and kinetic sculptures are delicately balanced works of art inspired by spiritual emotion and expression. Each piece of art is "one of a kind" and challenges the mind to wander in a meditative state of discovery.

Gary, a native South Floridian, attended New World School of the Arts and received two degrees from Florida State University. He was recently featured and opened the new season of HGTV's television show "Clever Ideas".

His work has been shown in Miami, Palm Springs, Laguna Beach, Brentwood, Beverly Hills, Malibu, La Jolla, and other cities across the U.S. Gary's commitment to charity includes: National Foundation for Advancement In the Arts, Mother's Voices, Operation Smile, Escondido Children’s Museum, and Miami Children's Museum.

Additional Information: www.kineticsteel.com
Michelle Wherley

Michelle Wherley was born and raised in Tampa, Florida. This December she will graduate from Auburn University with a BSBA in Marketing with a Studio Art minor. Michelle has been able to experiment with many different mediums, but predominantly uses charcoal and acrylic paint. Michelle has been a featured artist at the University of Tampa Art Show and around Auburn. Her work focuses primarily on Florida culture and scenery, most recently completing a series that captures fish native to the region. Tonight, Michelle has created a series of flowers symbolic of the strength displayed by women fighting breast cancer. She would like to dedicate her work to her aunt Mahota Matthews and family friend Hedy Bever, both survivors of breast cancer.

Additional Information: www.mew0025.wix.com/michellewherleyart
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