2013 Artists/artwork
Tabitha Blaine

"My work explores shape, color and pattern in nature and the most beautiful creation, woman. The design of the human body is so perfect, so individual and beautiful as is the design of each flower, leaf and butterfly. I use all mediums, mixing and choosing what suits me to create the look and feel that makes me smile; always experimenting with new methods to expand my options. I want to make art for 'everyman', make it beautiful, accessible and uplifting."

Laura Davis

"My works are the reflections of inner and outer journeys to magical places. Each painting documents a fleeting moment in my life, flavored with emotion, expression, and personal vision. My goal with each piece is to transport the viewer to a place of beauty and awareness of the present moment, regardless of the subject. Utilizing symbols and sacred imagery often inspired by my reverence for nature; I venture in and out of reality, playing with shifts in focus and viewpoint. Using mixed media, including the finest watercolors on Arches paper, I encourage the watercolor to flow and burst into magical shapes, helping to birth its own creation. Each stroke of the brush inspires the next, and ultimately, the outcome."

With a formal education at Parsons School of Design, Liora has been commissioned by The Stranahan House, The Bonnet House, Sunfest, Las Olas Art Fairs and The Red Cross. Exhibits include one woman shows at the Gildo Pastor Gallery in Monte-Carlo, and a series at Northern Trust Banks. Collections include The Smithsonian, and The Art of Living Foundation. Liora teaches painting/creativity at ArtServe, Pearls and The Art and Culture Center of Hollywood, FL

Barbara M. de Varona

BMD is a Miami-based artist whose passion is at the forefront of her art works - paintings, portraits and illustrations which wear emotion on their proverbial sleeves and embrace the human frailty within all of us. In particular, the 'Egghead Series' depicts emotional universalities and catalogues BMD's own human experience.

Barbara M. de Varona was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico to Cuban immigrants. She attended International Fine Arts College and Miami-Dade Community College, where she briefly pursued degrees in Design, Arts and Art Education, before choosing to devote herself full-time to her own art and a deeply personal exploration of self-expression. The artist fills her days creating artwork and building relationships in the Miami art community. Her work has been shown in a variety of local venues and events.

Buddah Funk

Buddah Funk or B. Funk is a Miami based photographer turned street artist. Buddah studied Fine Art at MDC and later attended Miami International University of Art and Design. Buddah is currently working with different mediums. His street work consist of wheat-pasting and stencils of his "El Dorado" figures as he interacts with the environment, and urban landscape. His wheat-paste figures are drawn, colored, and cut by hand. Buddah's "El Dorado" series is inspired by Pre-Colombian art of Colombia and the Americas.

Pedro Jermaine

Pedro Jermaine (a native of Live Oak, Florida) obtained his B.A. in Fine Arts from the University of Florida in 2002. He strives to impact lives and was recently introduced to members of UNESCO. He has been featured in FIU News, The Miami Herald, NBC Miami, WLRN, The St. Petersburg Times, and World Red Eye.

His honors and shows include:

The Evolution of Pedro Jermaine (St. Petersburg, FL) 2011, The Evolution of Pedro Jermaine (Ybor City/Tampa) 2012, Headline/ artist in residence for the Market on 7, Suwannee County Fair sponsor (Live Oak, FL) 2012, Guest artist - UF-HHMI Science for Life Spring Undergraduate Research Awards Reception, UF 2012, Mammography Art Initiative headline artist - Inaugural Show 2012, FIU headline artist - Martin Luther King Celebration, FIU featured artist - Black History Month 2013, African American Task Force Featured Artist (Led by Congresswoman Frederica Wilson) 2013, Miami-Dade Public Schools featured artist, February 2103 - Presentation to Superintendent, Alberto M. Carvalho and Dr. Wilbert "Tee" Holloway, Guest artist/ judge for Congresswoman Frederica Wilson's 2013 District 24 Congressional Art Competition.

"Like most artists when I paint I am expressing my thoughts and emotion with paint instead of words, which means my work maybe expressing what, is going on in my life or the world. These everyday occurrences come alive on my canvas. Having explored representational art, I found I was drawn to the process of abstraction with great emphasis on visual sensation.

Spontaneity with the use of ordinary materials used in unusual ways, I create my work. My inspirations and innovative thoughts have produced artwork with unique designs and 3-dimensional artwork that hints at the essence of objects rather than the appearance of reality.

I use painting to express my feelings. I embrace art for personal growth and I share my enthusiasm with the people who view my art. I use color and form in a non-representational way, by using real forms in a simplified way and exaggerated manner."

Lynne Kroll

Lynne's work has appeared in more than 450 National and International juried Art Exhibitions in the last 25 years, winning over 200 awards. She won the prestigious South Florida Consortium Fellowship Grant, an award for artistic excellence in 1998.

Lynne is a signature member of 12 National Watercolor Societies including the American Watercolor Society, National Watercolor Society, six prestigious New York Art Societies and several other National Art Organizations. She has been published in more than 50 books and articles.

Lynne is listed in Who's Who in American Art; Who's Who in the South and Southwest; Who's Who is the World; Who's Who of American Women. Her work has been exhibited in major art museums, universities and art galleries nationally and internationally.

Lynne works in watermedia, collage, photography, and digital mixed –media.

Barbara Longwill

"My interest in art began while I was a child at the Lycee Francais in New York. I excelled at it, but my talent was not channeled until after I had three children. I studied at the University of Delaware in continuing education, where I began painting. Eventually, my work was accepted for exhibition at the Delaware Art Museum.

I abstract from reality, filtering what I see through the prism of myexperience as a wife and mother; my travels to Europe, the Caribbean and Israel; and my imagination. But the genuine root of my inspiration is an unknown source, giving my art a profound spiritual dimension. I strive to express the soul of the people and places I paint in a loose, emotional style that bears comparison to Impressionism.

Art is my Zen. I lose myself in the process of creation. There is a symbiosis between my painting and me; it speaks to me and we work together. When I paint, time passes and I don't know where it has gone. Some spirit enters me. I put myself in the painting."

Rolande Reverdy Moorhead

"Daughter of an artist, born and raised in France, the world of art and painting became a natural part of my life. I cannot remember a time when I wasn't drawing and painting. Art is a necessity in my life, an emotional need to put down on paper and canvas my visual thoughts. Refusing to be influenced by any particular styles, schools or artists, I am self-taught. The medium I choose (watercolors, oils, acrylics ) depends largely on the subject. Recipient of many awards, my paintings are displayed in many Galleries in the U.S and France. Teaching drawing, oils, watercolors and acrylic painting, I also serve as Judge/Juror of Selections and Awards for many art shows, give art demonstrations, critiques and lectures to various art and community groups and local schools."

Currently teaching at the Coral Spring Museum of Art. Listed in Who's Who in America since 1977. Artists/USA Bicentennial Edition 1976. Who's Who of American Women since 1983. Artists of Florida Volumes 2, 3 & 4 and Who's Who in American Education since 2004.

Laura Murador

"I was born in Florence, Italy, from very young, my passion has been painting. I am graduated in Biology (Parasitology), during that time I also took several courses in painting and drawing. For my career I had opportunity to travel to the amazing Amazonas (Brazil-Venezuela), which aroused my enthusiasm for the colorful painting and nature motives. I have participated in several exhibitions and art competitions since 1978, in several countries like Venezuela."

Among the major awards received include:

1st Club lounge Cocodriles Venezuela award (1986), 1st Annual Honor award 34 national TV Show Venezuela (1988), Opera Prima Award Museum of the Americas USA (2001), 12th Latin American Painters Annual Salon Foyer Gallery Italy (2008), Currently ongoing painting and exploring different styles, always grounded in the nature and color. You can contact me at lauraidalgo@bellsouth.net

Barbara Nagel

"In the last few years my work has evolved beyond the finite boundaries of stone and bronze to the immediacy of clay. I have traveled extensively in the third world, bringing home many new influences. I am currently exploring the realm of visual literacy as a new artistic language."

Barbara Nagel has a Bachelor and Masters of Architecture from the Southern California Institute of Architecture, as well as a Bachelor of Arts from UCLA in Sociology. She trained in the arts in Pietrasanta, Italy and at the Institute of Southern CA with Martan Varro. Ms. Nagel's work has been shown at the Long Beach Museum of Art and the Laguna Festival of the Arts, as well as the Port of San Diego Sculpture Show. She has public sculptures at Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach and at the Azalea Park in San Diego. Additionally, her works of art have been published in Orange Coast magazine and Orange County Home Magazine.

To contact artist: bnagelartist@cox.net or at her website at https://bnagelartist.com

Watercolor Artist – Born and raised in the Chicago area, Bettyann moved with her family to Miami Beach when she was 15. She has been drawing and painting since childhood. Bettyann received a B.S. in Design from the University of Michigan, majoring in painting. Her professional career included art editing for two major Boston and New York textbook publishers, and teaching art for almost 20 years in the Miami- Dade Public School systems.

Bettyann has received numerous awards in juried art exhibitions with the Miami Watercolor Society, and is also a member of the Florida Watercolor Society. She most recently exhibited in a juried group show at ArtSight Gallery in Coral Gables, Florida. Fluidity and process are the backbone of her work. Though she often depicts Florida's landscape, she is currently more involved with the human figure. She is always trying to let the media speak for itself all the while translating it into the ebb and flow of her personal reality. Bettyann and her husband Richard (the photography and fused glass "artiste") live in Palmetto Bay, Florida.

Photography and Fused Glass – Richard was born and raised in and around Boston and Cape Cod. He received his undergraduate degree from Boston University, an MBA from the University of Michigan, and attended New York University's doctoral program. After working in Miami's banking industry, he ultimately founded and ran his own marketing research consulting practice for 24 years.

During these years, no one had a clue that there was an "artiste" waiting to emerge. Richard always enjoyed photography and slowly began to experiment with the camera . . . with the advent of digital photography, he devoted more and more time to it. Hand him a camera, then put him on a boat or just point him toward water.

During this time, he also began working in hand-blown glass at the University of Miami's hot glass program. When the University's Resident Artist program was disbanded, he began fusing and slumping glass in his own small studio. His photography and glass are in private collections.

Richard and wife Bettyann live in Palmetto Bay, having moved to Florida in 1975.

Judith A. Schwab

"Judith Schwab has always investigated the state of the world in her work, whether world peace or the earth's ecosystem….. " J Susan Isaacs, PhD, Towson University Art History Professor/ Curator The works I am donating directly refer to my interest and fascination with the cosmos. Life on a planet that is hurtling through space makes me aware of our fragile infrastructure.

"In art, I am relating this concept to life's trials.

'Fire bridge' Is challenging our courage, a limited edition print which was shown at the Xi'an Art School China and given to the faculty when I was named Honorary Professor of Art there in 1998.

'Open Channel' Is a limited edition print also shown at the Xi'an Art school, Xi'an China where I was an artist in resident 1998. To me it suggests that each of us can be an open channel for positivity in every situation which helps us heal the body and soul. Can you find the blue hand holding up the clouds?"

Studio B 109 NW 5th St. World and Eye Art Center FAT Village Ft Lauderdale Fl. 33301, cell 302-545-5223

Photography – "I use photography to try and portray the essential truth and feelings that underlie the visual image."

Yevette Shapiro grew up in Brooklyn, New York and received a BA in education from Brooklyn College, an MA in diagnostic and clinical reading from Hofstra University, and a doctorate in education from FIU. Her view of the world has been enriched by living in India for one year and by extensive travels to many different locations. She has been a resident of Miami since 1972 and has been a clinical reading specialist and administrator working in the private school sector. Her photography has been exhibited in different venues and she has won various awards for some of her work.

Wilma Bulkin Siegel

"I knew that I liked people and wanted to express the knowledge I had acquired about people as a physician. I came upon portraiture as a means of expressing the psychology of the person I was painting. I developed my style rather early in my development as an artist. My past experience in sculpture was certainly an advantage, and my knowledge of anatomy was also to my advantage. Color to me means "Fire of Life".

Currently my focus in art has been to bring Art-in-Medicine programs into the mainstream. I have been responsible for starting a medical school course to bring artists and medical students together to help the student have better visual acuity. I have a passion to start 'Artists-in-residency' programs in the de-humanized medical settings to help in healing. I have made a motto for myself in art, which I call the three C's-Communication, Compassion, and Creativity."

509 NE 3rd. Ave., Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33301
Phone: 954-766-8440
Email: WilmaBS@aol.com

Rowena M. Smith

"The making of art is my way of exploring nature in all its facets and means of capturing the wonder and excitement of the every day world. To create a painting is for me the highest form of personal expression. Sometimes joyous, sometimes frightening, and at all times leaving myself exposed and vulnerable I am always hopeful that my creative efforts will reach out in a meaningful way and evoke a response from another human being."

Joshua Sobel

Joshua Sobel is a Brooklyn-based artist, photographer, curator and film producer. Most recently, he worked as Co-Executive Producer on Graceland, a groundbreaking human thriller that is currently being distributed in the United States by Drafthouse Films.

Steven Sylvester

In my contemporary clay art series of ladies' dresses made from clay, wire and other materials, I use the unexpected medium of clay, commonly fashioned into utilitarian vessels and dinnerware, to symbolize the diversity of roles assumed by women in the 21st century. From the safe harbor of home to an arena of mass appeal, women, what they pursue and where they find themselves in the world, are reflected by this series of dresses. My observation of female identity ranges from the private domain of a gardener who lovingly nurtures plants to grow to the nationally televised public humiliation of pop singer Janet Jackson during the country's most widely watched sports event. Ceramics, wire and other materials are manipulated into representations of what woman accomplish in and out of the public eye. As fantasy abstractions of this form, my dresses respectfully acknowledge all that women accomplish, whether they are connecting with nature or dancing onstage.

Additional information: www.stevensylvester.net

Shark Toof

Shark Toof was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. He started painting graffiti in 1985 eventually graduating from Art center college of Design. The content of my work is pronounced by my travels and continuing exploration of animal spirits, nature, and the struggle of predator vs prey in male and female roles. Shark Toof currently lives and works in Los Angeles.

Recent solo and group shows include Baker's Dozen, Fountain Art Fair, Miami; Dreams Deferred, Chinese American Museum of Los Angeles; Duality, CB Gallery, Los Angeles; Marxist Glue, Hold Up Art, Los Angeles; Small Gift Sanrio 50th Anniversary, Barker Hanger, Los Angeles; Sugi Pop, Portsmouth Museum of Art, New Hampshire; Unfaithful Forever, Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery; Dead Letter Playground, Leo Kesting Gallery, New York; Viva Lost Wages, Joseph Watson Collection, Las Vegas; MAYDAY, Barracuda, Los Angeles and Crazy 4 Cult, Gallery 1988, Los Angeles. Shark Toof graduated from Pasadena Art Center College of Design with a BFA in Illustration in 1998

Marlyn Klepach Sasson

My name is Marlyn Klepach Sasson, my painter aesthetic is a marriage between a milieu of Early Modernism and the heart of Pop Art. My paintings are spiritual and vibrant they celebrate the human spirit as seen through my eyes. I invite you to share my life through my colorful paintings. I have completed three series of paintings.

The first series consists of figurative women, and how they embody the 20th Century Ethos of fashion. For example, one of my beloved vintage pieces is done in graphic pencils, it's called " 3 Pretty Girls" it resembles Raysse's Tableau Dans Le Style Francais. I have reprised this vintage piece into a colored version due to its' high demand.

The second series captivates a personification of the monetary world where trees and flowers are sprouting coins and dollar bills. This series depicts how one can be charitable and give to those in need, for example my favorite piece "The Giving Tree" represents the ability to give back to our community.

The third series is comprised of sensitivity and spirituality. This series tells the story Of the human psyche and how we connect to our higher self. The acrylic painting which best describes this series is "The 72 Names Of God" which illustrates clouds floating within God's 72 names and situated at the bottom of the canvas are God's eyes protecting the viewer from evil.

Some background information - I was born in Cuba, and after fleeing from the Revolution, spent the rest of my childhood in Guatemala. We then moved to Miami, where I attended Miami Beach High School, where I began receiving many accolades for my artwork. After graduating, I attended Parsons School Of Design in New York City. I began working and studying fashion, but my true passion always resides in painting.

This artwork and many others have been showcasing at various exhibitions like The Ritz Carlton, and Vernissage exhibits in Bay Harbour. My art has been portrayed in Aventura Magazine and other newspapers and magazines.

Marilyn Liedman

Chasing light and shadow with watercolor has become my artistic passion. I derive the greatest pleasure from being outside painting en plein air and the majority of my art has been created this way. My experience of painting on location in the South Florida Keys and in my travels throughout the world has been invaluable in shaping my present career as a watercolor artist.

My educational experience includes a comprehensive study of Fine Arts in high school and through course study at the Philadelphia Museum School, University of Pennsylvania, University of Miami and architecture at Miami Dade College. I enjoyed a 25 year career as an architectural artist and used watercolor as the favored medium for the renderings. The architectural influence is still very apparent in my present work as a plein air artist.

Credits: representation and awards in many juried National and International exhibitions and festivals some of which include Coconut Grove Arts Festival as 2012 poster artist, National Watercolor Society, Watercolor USA, Paint America, Paint the Parks, Miami Watercolor Society (Signature Member), Florida Watercolor Society. Publications: International Artist Magazine Issue #91, Artistic Touch 4, SOFI The Arts Issue, Key Biscayne Magazine, and The Islander News.


Jeffery Glasser, a self-taught photographer has been active in the Miami area photographic scene for many years. His work has been included in over fifty local, national and international exhibitions including: Borders Gallery, Photogroup Miami, The Sierra Club, Art in Public Places, Miami-Dade Public Library, Books and Books, The JCC, Temple Beth Am, The Bank of Kuait, The Wirtz Gallery, Villa Vizcaya, Photo Place Gallery, Hasselbad, Illford, Large Fromat Camera Photo Conference and Black and White Magazine.

He still uses film and prints his black and white images in silver-gelatin, platinum/palladium/gold hand-coated emulsion and digitally with Epson Ultrachrome ink on cotton fiber paper.

For equipment he uses medium format and large format cameras with a variety of lenses recently. A pinhole camera has become part of his tools.

Glasser's style is rather formal with much of his subject matter being still-life and landscape. He generally doesn't plan on what to photography but will record that which catches his attention. Perhaps his profession as a dentist relates to the general "tight" compositions with emphasis on forms and textures.

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