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Master in Physician Assistant Studies (MPAS)

It is my pleasure to welcome you to Master in Physician Assistant Studies at the Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine at Florida International University. The program’s intent is to provide a broad, interdisciplinary education that prepares students for collaborative practice as Physician Assistants. Students will learn and grow in a supportive but challenging environment, which will lead to an enriching and fulfilling career.

The curriculum has been designed to impart knowledge through excellent teaching, promoting public service, discovering new knowledge, solving health problems by increasing the work force in the health care field, and fostering creativity. Utilizing a medical school environment to cover Basic and Clinical Science the program fosters an environment enhanced by diversity, clinical innovation and research while preparing socially accountable, community-based physicians, scientist and health professionals.

The program presents an integrated view of the fundamentals of being a Physician Assistant, leveraging advanced strategies and techniques – teaching you how to excel in decision making and execution of your skill sets. Facilitating the practice by dealing with the dynamics of medicine and treatment of patients, through case discussions, role-plays, and group participation. It is designed to build your leadership capabilities to understand the importance of communicating effectively and ways to motivate and inspire your goals as a Physician Assistant and the health care team you work with.

Our experienced and motivated faculty and staff will guide your educational experiences and assist you as you progress through the program.

Prospective students are encouraged to watch these videos about What is a Physician Assistant? and Why choose FIU as well as visit the website periodically for details on how to apply, important dates, MPAS student profiles and much more.

Pete Gutierrez, M.D., MMS, PA-C
Associate Dean and Founding Chair
Master in Physician Assistant Studies

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