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Interview Process

What to Expect

Students invited for an interview are given a tour of the FIU campus and Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine facilities. They are introduced to faculty and administrators who provide an overview of the Admission process including:

  • The history of HWCOM
  • Curriculum overview
  • Clinical affiliations
  • Current and future facilities
  • Panther Learning Communities
  • Student Programs

HWCOM uses a semi-blinded interview process. In this type of interview, the interviewer has access to selected information on the AMCAS and HWCOM Secondary Applications. Each applicant has two separate one-on-one interviews during his/her visit. Each interviewer submits an Interview Evaluation Form.

HWCOM Interview goals:

  • To learn more about the candidate
  • To evaluate a candidate's motivation, energy, tolerance for stress, analytical abilities, communication skills, decisiveness, initiative, knowledge of the profession, intellectual ability, and personality
  • To provide the opportunity for the applicant to elaborate further on their application and qualifications
  • To determine if the applicant fits the mission of HWCOM

Interview Tips

  • Applicant should dress professional in formal business attire: suits and ties for the men and suits for the women. Women may wear pant suits or skirt suits (skirts should not be short). Applicants should dress as conservatively as possible and avoid excessive jewelry. Applicants are encouraged to wear comfortable shoes for the walking tour.
  • Applicant should arrive early for the interview, allowing plenty of time to park, walk to the building, prepare and collect thoughts, and be more relaxed.
  • The interview day is approximately 6 hours. There are two interviews, and each interview lasts approximately 30 minutes.

Question Topic Areas

Questions will be asked that probe personal characteristics and knowledge of health and ethical issues such as:

  • Motivation
  • Energy
  • Tolerance for stress
  • Time management
  • Problem solving
  • Academics
  • Self-awareness
  • Commitment to the medical profession
  • Health care and medical ethics